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Some people travel just to see the rest of the world.
Carrier clients travel to experience the best of the world. 

We look beyond simply your journey and your destination.

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Finding the right place and pace isn’t something you can simply buy, Google searches often leave you disappointed and traditional holiday brochures feel uninspiring.

Crafting a truly satisfying and meaningful journey is the result of an art that humanises travel on a much deeper level, an art that we’re very proud to have won awards for, with a team who are intensely passionate about your whole experience and devoted to how we make you feel.

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Established since 1982 and with royalty and celebrities amongst our clients, Carrier’s discreet, attentive and bespoke service is held in the highest regard.

Your every need, every preference and every whim is catered for, no request is too small and no challenge too big.

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When you travel with Carrier, each experience we create is itself a work of art, brought to life through a deeper customer connection and a close network of facilitators and connectors.

Every journey will be beautiful, not just in an aesthetic way but in a truly authentic way. It will also be purposeful, crafted uniquely and creatively to meet your individual needs and desires, opening up your mind to the awe-inspiring possibilities the world has to offer.

Discover / Domes Zeen Chania, Crete

The renowned Casa Cook Chania has been rebranded under the Domes Resorts family and will soon convert to operate under The Luxury Collection®. Inspired by the Greek philosophy of "ef Zeen" and having the postmodern family in mind, this Mediterranean gem offers enriched comfort and laid-back luxury to modern explorers and collectors with its handcrafted earthy rooms and relaxed architectural style.

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Our worldwide network, dedicated team of experts and wealth of knowledge is second to none.

Whether it’s glamour and guest lists you desire, an escape to a place where no-one is watching and anything is possible, or an adventure that no-one has dared take before – you will have access to the top suites, the most beautiful locations and a wide world of exclusive privileges.