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A perfect partnership

For the past four years, Carrier and Uthando have been proud to be in partnership – working together to create a better South Africa. Through donations via each of our Africa bookings, touring options for visitors, and Uthando’s Pack for a Cause scheme, Carrier and Uthando have helped countless South Africans throughout the country by supporting various projects and charities in the area.

Who are Uthando?

A non-profit accredited organisation based in South Africa, Uthando, which translates to ‘love’ in Xhosa, aims to change the lives of community members – supporting various local development projects by raising money and awareness.

With the help of donations from around the globe, Uthando focuses on tackling the daily struggles faced by so many people across the country and aims to improve the millions of lives that are the victims of extreme poverty in South Africa. 

Leading up to the charity’s inception back in 2007, founder James Fernie recognised the potential for the tourism industry to lend a hand in developing struggling communities. As well as their own tours and fundraising efforts, Uthando utilises funds donated by corporate companies and supporters of the cause, helping to support a number of independent community development projects and charitable organisations.

Why Uthando?

"We decided to support Uthando after I met James Fernie, the founder. He is an extremely inspirational and passionate man who I felt truly wanted to make a difference. The projects Uthando supports are often ones that support the poorest communities, but as well as giving financial support, many projects also give hope and a welcome distraction - like the Hout Bay Music project where children will get a chance to learn to play a musical instrument that they would never have had otherwise; or the Abalimi Bezekhaya project where local women are given the tools and skills to grow and sell fresh produce. These projects are making positive contributions to the local communities."

How we help

Working in partnership with Uthando, Carrier helps to make South Africa a better place for its residents to live. Donating R200 from each of our Africa bookings has helped to raise £11,000 so far, with the funds being contributed towards various projects across the country. Here are just a few examples…


Table Tennis

Transforming communities through sport, 2017 saw Uthando install a ping pong table at a Heideveld primary school – the first in South Africa. Continuing its success, Carrier has helped to fund another installation at Stephen Road Primary School which children were invited to design and decorate along with a local artist.

Abalimi Bezekhaya

A community farming project in Cape Town’s Khayelitsha township, Abalimi Bezekhaya helps supply fresh, organic vegetables to the local community. A non-profit micro-farming organisation, the aim is to provide the means for impoverished Capetonians to grown their own produce to supplement their already inadequate food supply.

Mdzananda Clinic

Born from the good nature of Mr Jo, who bathed and fed neighbourhood pets using a trolley and water bucket, the Mdzananda Animal Clinic now looks after up to 700 pets per month in the Khayelistsha area. Through low cost healthcare and education, the clinic aims to create a community that loves and cares for its animal inhabitants.

Hout Bay Music Project

After noticing the need for a communal safe space where children can celebrate their love for music, Leanne Dollman created this project to teach talented and enthusiastic individuals. Since 2003, the Hout Bay Music Project has continued to bring joy to the local area, currently operating from a timber structure in Hout Bay Village.

Dance For All

Through free dance classes for children in the Cape Town area, Dance For All offers its students a well needed break from the challenging circumstances they so often face. With experienced dance tutors to help nurture their talent, Dance For All offers children a safe space that encourages fun whilst teaching valuable life skills.  

The Amy Foundation

In the last 22 years, over 2000 children have taken part in programmes organised by The Amy Foundation. The namesake of Amy Beihl, a young woman who dedicated her life to making a difference in South Africa, the foundation helps young people in the area by providing safe environments and enrichment opportunities.

How can you help?

Helping Uthando to make a change in South Africa doesn’t have to end when you book with us, there are also plenty of other ways that you can get involved to continue making a difference. Below are just a few examples of extra things you can do…


Pack for a cause

When packing for your visit to South Africa, there are a few extras that you could include to donate to the many different projects that Uthando supports. These can include art materials, games, shoes, school uniforms and books. You can see the full list of items, here.

Go on a tour

Taking part in a tour once you arrive in South Africa is a hands-on way to get involved in the projects supported by Uthando. On a typical tour, 3 or 4 community projects will be visited, giving you the chance to experience the diverse range of efforts that Uthando is involved in.

Make a donation

No matter how big or small, each donation made to Uthando will help to improve lives for countless communities across South Africa; and means that Uthando can continue to help make South Africa a better place to live for everyone. To make a donation, click here.

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