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Luxury Travel: All-time Favourites
Luxury Travel: All-time Favourites
Sarah Lancashire, Marketing Manager at Carrier

Find out why Mauritius is Sarah’s all-time favourite.

I am very proud to say that I am half- Mauritian, and feel genuinely blessed that this picture-perfect dot in the Indian Ocean is somewhere that I can call a home from home. The moment I step off the plane, feel the warmth of the tropic sun and catch the faint scent of caramelised molasses from the charring of the surrounding sugar cane fields, a sense of contented-calm envelops me. Memories are filled with holidays visiting family on the island. My brothers, sister and I would wake up and run straight out onto the beach, spend the whole day snorkelling, swimming and kayaking, only returning for lunch at a huge table surrounded by family and friends and, again, at the end of the day, all sitting together to watch the sun melt into the horizon. For a small island, Mauritius has the biggest of hearts; a land that keeps on giving – a generosity truly reflected by the people who live there. And, quite simply, my favourite place on earth.

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Sabi Sand, MauritiusSouth Africa and Mauritius

Appreciate the romance of a safari and beach experience on this perfect honeymoon combination. Enjoy an exhilarating few days on a Big 5 safari, staying in a beautifully romantic lodge in one of South Africa’s premier reserves followed by a lazy week or two on a paradisiacal Indian Ocean island in ...

Dubai, MauritiusMauritius & Dubai

The vibrant buzz of modern Dubai with its modern skyscrapers, bustling souks, shops brimming with designer brands and the timeless desert, create an exciting twin centre combination with the tropical harmony and island charm of Mauritius, synonymous with luxury and elegance, a wonderful blend of ...

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  • Experience the thrill of big game fishing off the coast of Mauritius
  • Take a private cruise across the turquoise lagoons, perfect for dolphin watching and snorkelling
  • Enjoy a helicopter flight over the spectacular waterfalls and landscapes of the island
  • Try your hand at kite surfing- the southwest coast of Mauritius is renowned for its excellent     conditions 

Mauritius /When is the best time to visit Mauritius

Mauritius is a year round destination and experiences a warm subtropical climate, with relatively little seasonal variation in temperatures year round. May to October is dry with comfortable temperatures ranging between 18°C and 24°C with cooling tradewinds coming in from the southeast. Visitors during these dates will often benefit from excellent offers from the hotels. November to April is much warmer and humid with average temperatures ranging between 25°C to 33°C with an increase in rainfall. January and February tend to be the wettest months with the possibility of tropical storms although this is a rarity.

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Are you looking for the best beach on the island or a foodie favourite? Perhaps you need a family suite that will comfortably accommodate the whole tribe, or somewhere with a raft of activities to keep everyone entertained. Our travel specialist, Amelia Hoyes runs through her personal highlights from her trip to Mauritius, to help you decide which of these luxury hotels is the right one for you.... more

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Mauritius is never far from my heart; not least because the country is where my mother hails from. But, in my opinion – which is only slightly tinged with bias – this little gem in the glistening Indian Ocean is the quintessential tropical escape. ... more

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Approximate flight times
London to Mauritius 11 hours 50 minutes
Time Difference
GMT + 4 hours

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Passports & Visas

Visas are provided free of charge on arrival for British passport holders.

Multi-centre Options

Mauritius combines perfectly with Dubai or South Africa. With frequent flights from Johannesburg the island is the ideal finale to safari.

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