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Set in some of the most idyllic locations in the world, One&Only’s collection of one-of-a-kind resorts offers truly unique experiences that allow you to embrace the authentic local culture of a destination while surrounded by complete luxury. Discover tranquil retreats in the Indian Ocean, Africa, Arabian Gulf, the Pacific and Caribbean and enjoy unrivalled service, genuine hospitality and blissful relaxation.

Striving to deliver a unique experience born of its environment and locale, the design and lavish décor of every One&Only resort tells its own individual story, ensuring that each offers the perfect setting for rare moments of romance, adventure, excitement and unforgettable once in a life time experiences.

Nature Resorts

Each celebrating the breath taking, natural beauty of its unique location, One&Only Nature Resorts offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences that allow visitors privileged access to some of nature’s best kept secrets. Whether encountering a rare Mountain Gorilla in the foothills of Virunga Volcano at Gorilla’s Nest, or exploring the uninhabited lands of the great Australian bush at Wolgan Valley, our collection of One&Only Nature Resorts are sure to leave you with a host of unforgettable memories from some of the world’s most beautiful places.