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Coronavirus and travelling with Carrier: Everything you need to know / COVID-19 FAQs

With the governments announcement that international travel can resume and the introduction of the traffic light system, we're thrilled to see the world slowly and cautiously opening up once more. There’s no denying that travelling the globe has become more complex with a wealth of information, rules and requirements to decipher and navigate.

We've answered some of your most pressing questions and concerns below as well as explaining the flexibility and peace of mind you can expect from Carrier.

And if we haven’t answered your questions below, then please do contact us and we’ll see how we can help.




Under what circumstances would I be offered a refund?

Rest assured, if we are no longer able to provide the holiday you have booked, a full refund will be offered within 14 days. Carrier will always provide refunds if the following situations were to happen before your departure date:

- The destination booked is assigned Red in the traffic light system

- Whilst advice remains not to travel for leisure purposes to destinations categorised as Amber in the traffic light system, we will provide complete transparency of an agreed date at which cancellation remains possible, after that date we offer complete flexibility to amend at no charge.

- The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advises against travel to your destination

- The FCDO permits travel, but the destination has restrictions on entry to UK residents

- The destination's borders being closed

- The UK nation has another lockdown which prohibits overseas travel

- The destination enforcing significant mandatory quarantine restrictions for arrivals

What if the destination status changes in the traffic light system just before the departure date?

Should advice or travel restrictions change in the lead-up to your trip, we will work with you and review the most appropriate course of action to fit your personal circumstance – whether that is to amend your holiday to an alternate destination, postpone your trip or offer a refund if the holiday you booked can no longer be provided.

Will we get any notice if a country changes from one list to another?

The traffic light system will have a sub-category known as the Green Watchlist. It is designed to indicate which Green countries are at risk of being assigned as Amber and will allow us more time to discuss possible alternative arrangements for you.

What if the destination requires proof of vaccination and I am not vaccinated and/or my children are not vaccinated?

We're on hand to advise on any requirements at the time of your enquiry, but cannot be responsible for your vaccinations and whether you meet the conditions. It is worth noting that many countries currently do allow entry with a negative test. 

What if the destination requires all UK residents to quarantine on arrival?

This would be considered a significant impact on the enjoyment of your holiday; we would make you aware of the change and offer flexibility to amend, postpone or refund your booking.

What if I test positive for COVID-19, or have been instructed to self-isolate by the UK test and trace system and cannot travel?

It is a requirement of booking with Carrier that you hold adequate travel insurance cover. Do ensure your policy includes both medical expenses and cancellation cover (for the full value of your booking) due to COVID-19. If you haven't already arranged cover for your trip, you can find out more here or feel free to contact specialist insurance broker Campbell Irvine on 020 7938 1734 for a quote.

What if I no longer wish to travel (e.g. due to mask wearing protocols in the destination), but travel to the destination is permitted and assigned Green?

We will always facilitate any changes or amendments to postpone or cancel your trip, no questions asked. Carrier’s cancellation terms and booking conditions will apply and the right to a refund is not guaranteed if non-refundable costs have been incurred. Our ‘Travel made to order’ booking conditions mean you have the freedom to change your mind and you’ll have maximum flexibility to cancel or amend – we'll make you fully aware of your tailored terms before you commit to booking.

What if my holiday arrangements change (e.g. a hotel facility is closed due to COVID-19, there’s a flight schedule change, or a hotel move to a sister property) and I no longer wish to travel?

We will always do our utmost to offer viable alternatives (i.e. in-room spa treatments provided instead, a flight within 12 hours, a hotel of same standard), however you will have ultimate flexibility to amend or cancel if you'd prefer.

How can I stay informed on the most up-to-date entry and health requirements applicable to the destination I’m travelling to?

It is our responsibility as a tour operator to advise you on entry requirements. Our specialist teams are keeping abreast of the fast-changing safety protocols throughout our programme and will make them clear to you at quote stage, as well as follow-up with you personally with updated information if new protocols are introduced after your booking.

How do I arrange tests pre-departure, in destination and on return?

The availability and pricing of tests in the UK and overseas is evolving and constantly improving. Carrier will advise on testing requirements before you travel and can share information on private providers in your area. While in destination, our trusted hotels and partners can help organise testing before your return home. Some of our hotels are set up to offer on-property testing, and if they don’t, we can recommend local clinics.



While I am there, what if the destination is assigned Red in the traffic light system? What if the hotel I am staying at or the destination goes into lockdown? And what if the FCDO introduces advice against travel to the destination?

To date during the pandemic, the FCDO has not required immediate repatriation, therefore allowing travellers to complete their trip as booked. If however, your holiday cannot continue or you are keen to come back early, we’re on hand to facilitate a speedy return home if that’s what you require. You will have access to our 24/7 emergency contact line.

What if the destination is assigned Amber in the traffic light system while I am there?

You would be required to self-isolate at home as per the regulations. Although, do keep in mind that the Green Watchlist has been introduced specifically to remove this risk; only in exceptional circumstances should a Green country change suddenly to Amber without advance notice. 

What if I test positive for COVID-19 while on holiday? Or what if I’m instructed to quarantine by overseas authorities in resort?

We advise that you ensure your insurance policy includes medical cover for the virus, including quarantine cover, medical expenses and any additional accommodation or travel costs. Carrier is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Campbell Irvine Ltd which provides bespoke travel insurance cover. You can contact them for a quote on 020 7938 1734 and find out more here.

What changes can I expect to see on my journey and at the destination? What will the experience be like when I get there?

Over the last year, we’ve seen our hotels, airline partners and service providers take the time to rethink their health and safety practices and make impressive steps to navigate the constraints of coronavirus. The renewed focus on a low-touch approach and an amplified emphasis on privacy and space, has meant there are some welcome new services and innovations that will enhance your experience rather than hinder it.

Our aim is to make sure you are pleased with the level of care being taken when travelling with us. We’re committed to sharing the specific safety protocols and standards you can expect on your trip and always on hand to make further additional requests for your comfort if needed.

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