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Claire Howes, Sales Consultant

Neither Greek nor Turkish, this beautiful island has its own distinct and lovable identity - epitomised by the warmth of its people. Reservations Consultant, Claire Howes stayed at Anassa and here are her highlights.

Anassa, Cyprus

Dinner in the Village Square
Soak in the atmosphere of a traditional Cypriot village with a working chapel and dine under the stars in Anassa's Village Square. We enjoyed dishes such as gyros, mezze and 'village potatoes'. A four-piece bouzouki band accompanied us as we ate, playing a mixture of traditional and contemporary music.

Anassa Cyprus village square
Anassa Thalassa Spa

Thalassa Spa
Take the time to relax and unwind in Anassa's excellent Thalassa Spa. Thalassa means 'sea' in Greek - all treatments here utilise the healing power of the ocean and the majority use ILA or OSEA products. We recommend the OSEA Detox Algae Bath - it will soothe the sorest of muscles. Specialist treatment packages suitable for children and mums-to-be can also be arranged.

Spacious accommodation
The rooms at Anassa are light and airy, with a lot of space. Our Studio Suites boasted double floor to ceiling French windows that opened on to spacious balconies. Take a moment on your terrace to admire the panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and watch fishing boats on the horizon. For families, there is a large choice of spacious family accommodation and you can keep an eye on your little ones in guaranteed interconnecting rooms - smart choices include Garden Suites or the 2 bedroom suites/villas, some of which come with a private pool.

Anassa Pool Villa
Blue Lagoon Cyprus

Boat trip to the Blue Lagoon
From the nearby fishing village of Latchi, we took a boat up the coast to the Akamas Peninsula's premier attraction - The Blue Lagoon. The snorkelling here is excellent as the waters are so clear and the brightest blue. Dive off your boat and swim to shore to enjoy the seclusion of the tiny, unspoilt beach.

Beach Barbecue
A true highlight of our trip was the beach barbecue we enjoyed on Anassa's beach. Technically speaking, all beaches in Cyprus are public, but as Anassa's long stretch of sand can only really be reached through the hotel, the beach is effectively private. We enjoyed a sumptuous barbecue lunch here under canvas, seated on some comfy cushions and ate some of the most delicious fresh seafood we had ever tasted - the fresh king prawns and mussels were divine.

Anassa Cyprus Beach

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