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Caribbean, Bermuda & Mexico / Barbados

Be in the know with our insider's guide

Read our insider tips for your luxury escape to Barbados, experienced and recommended by our very own Travel Experts.

Off-road adventures

For first-timers, there's no better way to get acquainted with Barbados and the hidden treasures it has to offer than to hop on a jeep for an off-road guided adventure. Traverse through hills, bridges, grasslands, and even explore exotic marine life underwater, as part of an off-the-beaten-path excursion ideal for families and groups of friends looking for a sense of unabashed freedom during a trip to the island. 


Catamaran cruises

For catamaran cruises, we highly recommend Good Times, Silver Moon Catamaran Cruises and Seaduced Barbados; they specialise in smaller parties and are fully catered.


Pudding and Souse Day

Saturdays on Barbados are labelled ‘Pudding and Souse Day’ – a day dedicated to the island’s beloved delicacy of sweet potato pudding and pork souse. Our favourite spot for this delicious treat is The Souse Factory in St. John.

Bajan Dining at The Cliff

Dine in true Barbadian style at The Cliff restaurant. Set in a prime location perched above a floodlit cove and boasting a postcard-perfect ocean view, delight in delicious seafood amidst the sweet, sea-scented air.