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Review /Italy is truly the most romantic place I have ever been. Florence offers captivating architecture while Verona is brimming with enchanting historic tales. It was an incredible trip, filled with unforgettable experiences....

Katie Hill
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Lydia Gard, Editor of Mr Fox; Contributor to Condé Nast Traveller and Tatler

"I’m a huge proponent of far-flung adventure with kids, but nowhere on earth tugs at my heart – or my passport – like Italy. La Dolce Vita is a cultural triumph, the fabulous architecture and superlative landscapes work in harmony to keep travellers in perpetual states of awe, while the familial, cheek-pinching, bosom-embracing open-heartedness of the Italians themselves means a family holiday will invariably result in a new raft of Aunties and Uncles whose houses are open to future visits. From the Ligurian coast to the Puglian countryside, the Umbrian hills to the Aeolian Islands – as Verdi so eloquently put it: ‘You may have the universe if I may have Italy’."