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India, Far East & Australasia / Malaysia & Borneo

Review /Our travel specialist Grace Lyons experienced the ultimate itinerary – a beguiling blend of modernity, nature and culture. Here, she shares her favourite aspects of the trip to help you decide which luxury hotel is best ...

Grace Lyons
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Monty Halliday, Contributor at Daily Mail

"My wife and I went to Borneo for our honeymoon. It was not the obvious choice and I am yet to meet anyone else who has been to this island of dense, steamy rainforest. But that feeling of the unknown is alluring, and I urge you to visit and sample it for yourself. The coastline is guarded by mangroves, seawater tributaries, and crocodiles. Indeed, you will fall in love with Borneo for its majestic wildlife. Morning jungle treks bring sightings of wild hogs, monitor lizards, rhinoceros horn bills and the famously naughty macaque monkeys. The other must-do escapade is two-man paddle boarding. The South China Sea is wonderfully calm with a gentle current to nudge you along the coastline. It gives a unique view of the marine life. I omitted to tell my wife, as she sunbathed on the board with me paddling away, that we were floating above a fever of stingrays on the ocean floor. Borneo set the tone perfectly for a post-wedding adventure."