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What types of holidays does Dubai offer?

Whether looking for a relaxing retreat, where lazy days are filled with nothing but sun, sea and spa, or an adrenaline packed escape where you can immerse yourself in the fast-paced Emirati lifestyle, Dubai has everything that you could possibly want from a luxury getaway - all in the heart of the city.


Retail therapy

Renowned for its array of luxurious shops and high-end malls, set alongside a host of traditional souks, Dubai’s mix of designer shopping spaces and eclectic market stalls makes it the perfect place to enjoy some well-earned retail therapy. Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in the Emirati culture with some lavish spending, or by taking taking part in a spot of haggling, Dubai has it all.  

Beach holidays

Although extremely hot during the summer months, cooler temperatures when visiting Dubai between November and March means endless lazy beach days are on the horizon. Top tip: stay at any of the One&Only Royal Mirage properties to enjoy exclusive access to their kilometre-long private beach overlooking the iconic Palm Jumeirah island.

Relaxing respites

Dubai’s luxurious nature comes hand-in-hand with rejuvenating getaways. Hotels and resorts across the city offer the best pamper packages to ensure that you never have to lift a finger during your stay. From refreshing fruit skewers hand-delivered by the pool, to treatments in an authentic Oriental Hammam, you’re guaranteed to come away feeling relaxed and renewed.