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Indian Ocean & Arabia / Dubai

Review /Client Experience Sales Consultant, Amelia Hoyes experienced the captivating ambience of Arabia with a recent trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Here she shares with us her recommendations and highlights from her trip.

Amelia Hoyes
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Merridith Lewis-George, Carrier Client Experience Sales Consultant

"Having lived in Dubai, I can attest to the sheer scale of luxury this city embodies, captivating you from the moment you arrive. There is a real cosmopolitan vibe, as white sandy beaches are juxtaposed with ultra-modern architecture that always leaves me feeling awestruck. You almost feel like a member of the glitterati as you peruse high-fashion designs, beautifully presented in the Dubai Mall, a place where I can be lost for hours. A definite highlight of my trips to this Emirate state is the food. For a fun and authentic experience, I highly recommend Aprons & Hammers, who serve the best crab and lobster around, atop a traditional dhow boat. Dubai has an adventurous spirit, where you can take advantage of the year-round sunshine whilst dune buggying across the desert or taking in sights of the gulf from a hot air balloon."