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Indian Ocean & Arabia / Oman

A taste of Arabia at its most exotic and enticing, offering an intoxicating fusion of glamorous resorts and timeless Islamic tradition. A ribbon of coastal villages with Old Muscat at its heart, Oman is an enthralling blend of ancient sights and Islamic customs, sprinkled with a touch of eastern glamour. The turquoise waters of Al Jissah Bay glint and dazzle…the fjords and vertiginous cliffs of the Musandam Peninsula take the breath away. Amongst the souks the alleys throng with men in their dishdasha robes and muzzar turbans , the ladies elegant and animated in their flowing abeyyas. Stalls glitter with ceremonial daggers; the spicy scents of cardamom, saffron, frankincense and turmeric assail the senses. 

Out of the city, the desert blooms with feathery palms and citrus groves, the traditional reed houses evocative of an old Arabian way of life...the whitewashed desert forts still standing proud. On the horizon, a mirage turns out to be a wadi with a deep, inviting pool. Bump over the endless dunes of the Wahiba desert on an off-road safari to visit a traditional Bedouin camp where in true Arabic fashion all manner of dishes are served: finger bowls of hummus, olives, salads and marinated meats. Stride up a high dune as the sun dips behind exquisite undulations of ever-shifting land. Enjoy a spectacular drive through the Hajar Mountains to reach the impressive seventeenth century fort of Nizwa, set majestically in a palm oasis explore the historic buildings of one of Oman’s oldest forts before returning to Muscat and ending a memorable day with an enchanting sunset cruise.

Oman Essentials

Approx. Flight Times London to Muscat: 8 hours.
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Oman Hotels & Itineraries

Introducing some of the best 5 star resorts in Oman.

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Best experiences in Oman

  • Oman has some of the best dive sites in the Gulf, Daymaniyat islands is worth a visit and within easy reach of Muscat
  • Take a private dolphin watching cruise off the coast
  • Paraglide into your accommodation on the Musandam Peninsula
  • Watch turtles hatching on the beaches in Muscat
  • Experience wadi-bashing, negotiating Oman's rocky mountains and sand dunes by 4WD

When is the best time to visit Oman?

Oman experiences high temperatures throughout the year with minimal rainfall. The best time to visit is between October and March when it is cooler. During the summer months temperatures rise considerably, whilst hotel rates are at their lowest and offers are most attractive.

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