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Luxury Caribbean Holidays / Turks & Caicos

Lucy Boardman, Sales Consultant at Carrier

"My fondest memories of these idyllic islands are dominated by mesmerising beaches – with crystal blue water and white sand, the shores here are absolutely breathtaking. I highly recommend going on a snorkelling expedition to see the fascinating marine life and vibrant corals; the water is incredibly clear so you won’t miss a thing. Although the weather in the islands is lovely all year round, the temperatures from November to May are slightly less humid than the summer months, with averages of 28 degrees. What I love most about these islands is the overriding sense of serenity – if you are looking for a romantic getaway, you can expect the utmost privacy and peace. For those who would like to add a touch of adventure, this location is ideal for a multi-centre escape – whether it be Miami or Antigua."