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Khao Sok, Thailand / Elephant Hills

Elephant conservation

Elephants are greatly respected as part of Thai culture, with around 3,000 currently in Thailand – a number that has dwindled at an estimated 3% per year. With that in mind, Elephant Hills looks after its small herd of local rescued residents by offering camp visitors the chance to lend a hand in their upkeep. Guests can take part in the interactive 'Unique Elephant Experience', watching the animals bathe and splash in the mud pool, preparing and feeding daily meals, and observing play time.

Having scored 100% in the Animal Welfare Audit, Elephant Hills ensures that their Asian Elephant encounters are fully ethical, striving to offer a sustainable life for domestic elephants in the area. Their park is chain-free – one of the few in the world so far – and the camp has been judged the most animal friendly in the country by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.


Rainforest tours

Guests staying at Elephant Camp can take part in a four day rainforest nature safari – a combination of classic adventures that uncover the delights of the nearby Takuapa mangrove swamps. Soak up the beauty of the banyan trees and glistening channels while relaxing on a traditional wooden junk, canoe on the famous Sok River and explore little-known Cheow Larn Lake.

Jungle lake safari

Popular with couples and honeymooners, this three day tour incorporates a stay at both the Elephant and Rainforest Camps. Head into the jungle on foot and discover the wildlife that lies beyond, canoe through some of the last areas of primary rainforest, visit a local market in Takhun and enjoy a traditional Thai evening performance.

Culinary journeys

Alongside jungle trekking and canoe rides, guests can experience culinary journeys at the hands of the camps’ resident guides. Skilled chefs host cooking demonstrations each evening, meaning you can continue enjoying your own take on famous Thai dishes served at Elephant Hills long after you return home.