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Corfu / Domes Miramare, A Luxury Collection Resort

When is the best time to go to Corfu?

There’s sunny Greece - and there’s even sunnier Corfu… With an average yearly temperature of 26°C and rain practically unheard of, there’s a reason why this unique island has been one of Greece’s most popular luxury holiday destinations for decades. Visit between April and October for the most reliably hot temperatures tempered by gentle summer breeze from the surrounding ocean. Winter months, nevertheless, are still enjoyably temperate, so many still consider Corfu for an off-season sunny getaway.

When to visit Greece

Greece is blessed with a Mediterranean climate. From mid May to mid June and mid September to October the climate is pleasant and sunshine is plentiful. July and August are hot with temperatures reaching 37°C. Winters tend to be mild in the south but much cooler in the north with an increased chance of rain.