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Review / Review of Denis Private Island

Francessca Harding & Merridith Lewis-George

Recently back from a familiarisation trip, our Luxury Travel Experts Francessca Harding and Merridith Lewis-George sum up their experience of staying on Denis Private Island.

If we had to select who Denis Private Island is most suited to, we would say it's best for honeymooners or couples who want a secluded Seychellois escape. While you're there, don't miss an opportunity to go fishing; repeatedly acknowledged for its world class deep sea game fishing, Denis Private Island is undoubtedly one of the best islands in the Seychelles for whiling away the hours casting a line.

Perfect / isolation

Taking just 30 minutes by plane from the main island of Mahé, Denis Private Island feels so much further removed from the rest of the islands than it geographically is. Without being exclusively for our use only, we felt at many times like we were the only ones on the Island, as the rooms are very private and located a fair distance from the other cottages – of which there are only 25. Our Beachfront Spa Cottage had a truly rustic, back-to-nature feel, while the impressive outdoor shower and bathroom area (pictured) wowed us the moment we stepped outside.

At one with / nature

One of our favourite experiences on the island was visiting the in-house farm with Terrance  - anyone who stays should book a private guided tour with him. He was so knowledgeable, not only about nature but specifically about the sustainability efforts in place on Denis. We got to hold tiny chicks and stroke the piglets, as well as learning how a large proportion of the food we ate was grown on the farm. Later that day we ordered the Creole fish soup for dinner – there’s a first time for everything, and this particular dish was delicious.

Time for a / digital detox

Unexpectedly, we found it surprisingly refreshing to lose touch with the world and immerse ourselves in Island life, taking an entire 24 hour break from our phones due to the deliberate lack of Wi-Fi available on the Island. For those of us who are in desperate need of a digital detox, this is the Island to flock to – even The Telegraph agrees it is one of the top 50 destinations on the planet to escape the modern world. However, unless you are well practiced in the art of self-entertainment and relish the ultimate withdrawal from technology, we’d suggest limiting your stay to 2-3 nights and twinning your luxurious escape with another island in the archipelago.