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Luxury Ski Holidays / Finnish Lapland

What are the best things to do in Finnish Lapland?

Having visited the idyllic villages and magical resorts dotted throughout this area of the Arctic Circle, we know families will treasure the opportunity to visit Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, famed for being the official home town of Santa Claus, while keen Northern Lights hunters will relish chasing the aurora on a nocturnal adventure by reindeer.

Arctic thrills and culture

This snow-swept northerly land offers so much more than gloriously uncrowded pistes and thrilling night skiing. Exciting husky safaris give a fascinating insight into the life of the huskies and the chance to drive your own team of dogs across the frozen terrain. For speed, noise and adrenaline, accelerate through snowy forests and across empty plains on a thrilling safari by snowmobile to find your chosen spot for ice fishing; experience this major part of the Sámi culture with the chance to catch white fish or perch.

Hunting for the Northern Lights is potentially the most memorable of all, chase the aurora on a nocturnal adventure by reindeer led sleigh beneath the dark Arctic sky for a glimpse of the dancing colours of the aurora borealis. Itineraries are tailor-made to suit your interests and length of stay with all tours of the highest quality; meals are of an excellent standard where included, sometimes served in an Arctic tepee for authentic fireside dining; always spiced with insights into the local way of life.

Glass Igloos / Sleeping under the stars

Glass igloos bring a totally different way to experience the untamed landscape. Relax in comforting warmth with amenities such as a modern toilet and cosy beds while gazing through your glass roof for a possible grandstand view of the spectacular aurora borealis.

Christmas in Santa's time honoured home

Father Christmas and his elves live deep in the snow-laden forest where they invite families for a private visit and a first-hand experience of centuries of mysticism. Arrive in style with a reindeer escort or by husky, horse sleigh or snowmobile; and no Christmas would be complete without trying your hand at Finnish gingerbread house baking. Book early to secure the remaining December availability for this highly sought-after family experience.