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Jukkasjärvi, Sweden / ICEHOTEL

What are the best things to do at the ICEHOTEL?

Ice sculpting

Carve your own piece of art in crystal clear ice harvested from the Torne River. Each session is only 2 hours long, so it’s a great activity to do on your last day if you have a late departure. Guests are given a slab of ice, a little direction on what to do and then left to create their own masterpieces from the pristine natural ice - a sculptor's dream!

Aurora safari

Between November and April, hotel guests can join snowmobile safaris and head out into the back country where the northern lights are most visible. Driving a snowmobile through a dark winter landscape promises to be an exhilarating enterprise - only to be elevated by the possible appearance of the ever-elusive aurora.

Wilderness skills

Kayak through the rugged wilderness of this part of northern Sweden to a nearby island and learn sought-after survival skills from ICEHOTEL's resident expert. From what to forage for food to how to make a fire, you'll feel like a well-equipped explorer by the end of the day. It’s a brilliant excursion for teenagers and kids to take part in as well as a fun all-day outing for adventurous couples.

Midnight sun


The sun shines for 100 days and nights during a Lapish summer. Visit the ICEHOTEL's nearest city, Kiruna, famous for its architecture, and often featured in books and films. The tour finishes at the top of Mount Luossavaara where a stunning 360 view over the city, mountains and mine under the midnight sun's ethereal glow.