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Review / Review of Le Chabichou

Kallie Phillips

“This typically Savoyard chalet exudes elegance and warmth, while offering the opportunity to sample the gourmet cuisine of both Michel Rochedy and Stéphane Buron in the 2 star Michelin restaurant, Le Chabichou.”

A home / away from home

Walking into Le Chabichou is like walking in to an old friend’s apartment – there’s a warm, homely ambience to the property - which stands out from afar due to its white wooden exterior - and once inside everything feels very cosy and completely comfortable. This, in part, is due to the fact that Le Chabichou is a family-owned and family-ran boutique property that’s been delivering dedicated and attentive service for over 50 years.

Perhaps most famous for its 2 Michelin star restaurant led by head chef – and owner – Michel Rochedy, the hotel is ideal for gourmet enthusiasts seeking an intimate and laid-back-luxe ski break to the Alps. Though I didn’t dine at the Le Chabicho Restaurant, I did share the most indulgent raclette at the Bistro Chabotte on my first night here. Aside from cheese, the bistro’s menu is filled with dishes to savour: cleverly reinterpreted Savoyard specialties, fish from the mountain lakes, and desserts to linger over. For those keen to try the famous cuisine at Le Chabichou, heed this top tip – make a reservation in advance; it’s popular for a reason.