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Holiday Type / Interconnecting Rooms

Interconnecting rooms offer a peace of mind that only comes from knowing your family will have the space, privacy and security you need to enjoy your time away together. Connecting your room with another doesn’t simply mean a chance to spread out; it means no queuing to shower in the mornings, kids and adults have their own TV and more space to play at locations with private pools.

The different variations of interconnecting rooms ensures the needs of groups of all ages and sizes are met; internal interconnecting doors are great for families with small children who want easy access and security, while opting for two rooms that share a private entryway provides teenagers with the space and privacy they so often crave. For those families who prefer that extra room to breathe, many of our hotels also offer suites with an adjoining room, or an arrangement of multiple rooms that connect to create a spacious family residence where parents, grandparents and children have their own private bedrooms and the opportunity to join together in communal areas.