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It’s as though Mother Nature couldn’t decide which environs she loved most.

Wildlife, winelands and desert – yes – the image conjured with those three words is surely one of Africa. A land of colour and contrasts; from deep red skies, dazzling white sands and lush rainforests to chic cities and thrilling safari encounters – Africa stirs the senses and the soul.

The classic city & safari duo

Like cookies and cream or Timon and Pumbaa, some things are just better when they are together. Described by Sir Francis Drake as ‘the fairest cape in all the world’, the vibrant city of Cape Town is the starting point for this South African discovery. A jam-packed five days ensure plenty of moments to pursue pastimes that will please the whole clan. Children lead seaside explorations by bike and hear stories of the Mother City’s history before setting off on garden treasure hunts and penguin spotting. While downtime comes in the form of kid-f...

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A Namibian aerial adventure

When it comes to travel, it’s the birds who have it best; soaring high above it all, getting to where they need to be in record time. And if there were ever a place to test this avian advantage, it’s the wide open hinterland of Namibia. With private aircrafts primed to hop effortlessly between desert, ocean and grassland, ticking off some of the country’s best bits comes easy. Drop into the heart of it all from the get go in Zannier Reserve, where the journey starts immediately with a safari transfer from the airport. The hot and humid desert...

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The Call of the Wild

Through misty forests and over dramatic peaks, a venture deep into Rwanda’s lush heart reveals more than just untamed wilderness. Within a tranquil tea plantation at the edge of a million-year-old rainforest, the 22 exclusive suites that comprise One&Only Nyungwe House epitomise contemporary African flair and grant you easy access to a population of primates. After a few nights immersed in Rwanda’s nature, head to nearby Kinigi and you’ll find the aptly named One&Only Gorilla’s Nest. With just 21 rooms and suites tucked away in the foothills ...

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One&Only Gorilla’s Nest

With eucalyptus trees as camouflage, the traditional wooden Rwandan lodges of the One&Only troop aren’t shy when it comes to welcoming interlopers to their wild and wonderful home. Kitted out with creature comforts and rustic furnishings, there’s no denying that One&Only Gorilla’s Nest in Kinigi on the border of Volcanoes National Park makes a fitting basecamp. Blending seamlessly with its surroundings, as the name would suggest, it mirrors the lush home of the endangered residents that live just up the peaks. You wouldn’t come here if gorilla...

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Pinch me moment / Grassland animals

Gently follow trails through grasslands and enjoy close-up animal sightings that are not possible from a vehicle or on foot. A guided horse safari is a magical way to experience Tswalu’s landscapes and wildlife as you gain a different perspective from the saddle.


Pinch me moment / Virunga mountain gorillas

The ultimate Virunga experience, once-in-a-lifetime and truly transformational. Hiking through misty bamboo forest you’ll track endangered mountain gorillas who roam in this habitat and languish in their troops. It is an encounter that will stay with you forever.


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