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Far more than just the handy perk of taking your high-end hotel with you on the journey; if you think you know cruise, think again.

The cruise scene has had a resurgence. The luxury of only having to unpack once and still be able to travel from one place to another in style has a perennial appeal, but gone are the black-tie days. In their place comes a new approach to slow travel that’s all about bespoke sailing to the lesser-known destinations with enriching experiences and a healthy dose of adventure.

Explora Journeys

Bursting onto the cruise scene to much anticipation, when it comes to what motivates this Gen-Alpha brand it’s all about restoring life’s balance with inner and outer discovery and an appreciation for wellbeing. Promising to deliver the ‘ocean state of mind’, Explora’s holistic approach to onboard life is inspired by the peace and tranquillity of the ocean – making the journey just as important as the destination at the end. Tailor-made nutrition and sleep programmes, bespoke wellness experiences and soul-stirring entertainment aim to start gu...

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Silversea Cruises

Silversea's small luxury cruise ships cater personally to no more than 596 guests. Silver Wind holds 296 guests and provides the most intimate of cruising experiences. Silver Shadow and Silver Whisper are slightly larger in size, with 382 guests, yet retain the same level of hospitality and familiarity. Silver Spirit caters for 540 guests and has some of the largest suites in the fleet, whilst Silversea's newest flagship vessel, Silver Muse, launched in 2017 is the largest ship in the fleet holding 596 guests, yet still retaining its intimate f...

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From the moment you step on board, the hallmarks of taking a cruise with Seabourn are felt, when you are greeted with a warm smile and a chilled glass of Champagne. The gracious staff are passionate about pleasing guests, their service intuitive and gracious. Seabourn Odyssey, Seabourn Soujourn and Seabourn Quest are small, intimate ships with no more than 229 suites. They have expansive, open decks and inviting social spaces, as well as gourmet dining to rival some of the world's finest restaurants. Joining the fleet in 2016, Seabourn Encore o...

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Scenic Eclipse

Scenic's "discovery yacht" is the first of its kind, marrying 6-star luxury with unrivalled exploration. Venture deep into the Arctic and Antarctic, navigate the amazing Chilean Fjords and follow the footsteps of the Vikings all in complete comfort and luxury. Scenic Eclipse provides exceptional and unique experiences; whether you’re sampling culinary delights at one of the ten elegant on board dining options or navigating beautiful stretches of the Arctic Circle with a member of the Scenic Discovery Team. Ultra-exclusive experiences and excur...

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Pinch me moment / Everglades adventure

Visit the Everglades National Park – a wetland spanning 1.5 million acres – and uncover rare and endangered species. As well as abundant wildlife including turtles and manatee, it’s the only place in the world where alligators and crocodiles live together.


Pinch me moment / Local dining showcase in Dubrovnik

A farm-to-table multi-course dining experience awaits in Dubrovnik. Escape the city and enter the home of a local family as they showcase the traditional foods of their ancestors with a modern flair, paired with the estate’s home-grown wines.


Pinch me moment / Boka Bay tuk-tuk outing

Take a tuk-tuk ride along the magical Boka Bay – an inlet that leads to Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With dramatic peaks and a coastline dotted with charming maritime towns and villages, sit back and enjoy the unforgettable scenery.


Pinch me moment / Kei Islands swim & snorkel

Made entirely of white sand and coral, the Kei Islands are completely flat, except for the coconut trees. Head to Ngurbloat beach and take the day to swim and snorkel in this uninhabited tropical paradise.


Pinch me moment / Bay of Fundy whale watching

Zip through the Bay of Fundy’s tidal waters on a zodiac boat looking for various species of whales and other marine life. With up to 12 species of whales found in the bay, knowledgeable guides will help you learn the characteristics of those you spot.


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Why Carrier


We look beyond destination.
We curate exceptional experiences.

Our worldwide network, dedicated team of experts and wealth of knowledge is second to none, allowing us to open up your mind and take your breath away with awe-inspiring possibilities and new personal experiences that surprise, enlighten and transcend all expectations.

We look beyond the ordinary.
We deliver the extraordinary.

Whether it’s glamour and guest lists you desire, an escape to a place where no-one is watching and anything is possible, or an adventure that no-one has dared take before - you will have access to the top suites, the most beautiful locations and a world of exclusive privileges.

We look beyond the usual.
We deliver dreams and desires.

We now live in an era of experience; it’s not just about where you can go, but who you can be and how you can feel. Carrier curate exceptional luxury travel experiences designed to fulfil your desires, dreams and goals, so bespoke you won’t find them anywhere else.

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