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Holiday Type / Luxury Travel: All-time Favourites 2017 - Safari

Find out why Safari is Rick Milnes all-time favourite

Like most kids growing up, I loved animals and holidays, and I would spend every Sunday evening curled up in front of the fire watching BBC nature documentaries. So, perhaps it's no surprise that as a grown up (of sorts) I have fallen in love with going on safari. For me, it is the complete holiday experience combining relaxation, excitement, socialising and adventure. Since my first trip six years ago, I have stayed in some amazing camps, been lucky enough to meet the most knowledgeable guides and witnessed the Big 5. All of these just leave you wanting more. And the beauty of it is, that on safari, you can see nature at its most extreme: herds of zebra and wildebeest crossing the Mara River whilst hungry crocodiles lie in wait; watching a pack of wild dogs steal a leopard's kill; hot air balloon rides over the Masai Mara at dawn; tracking a rhino on foot and countless other encounters. If I had to pick, my choice would be Botswana. Nowhere offers a more authentic experience than the vast and beautiful remote wilderness of this country. To my mind, this has to be the ultimate safari destination.