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When Henry David Thoreau wrote “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately”, he was seeking the profound peace and connection that can only be achieved through time spent marvelling at the beauty of the natural world. Our collection of wildlife and wilderness experiences are designed to induce that sensation of wonderment and quietude; stand lost among towering redwoods, mesmerised by Canadian grizzly bears and (if you're lucky) humbled by migrating blue whales. And, once you have drunk it all in with insatiable thirst you’ll know that Thoreau was right: “we can never have enough of nature.”

Canada's bear trails

A private jet tour to the dynamic surroundings of the Canadian landscape to walk in the footsteps of the country’s most famous Ursidae residence: polar, spirit and grizzly bears. Board a private jet to the remote town of Churchill in Manitoba, where polar bears wander aside humans during the summer thaw. Accompanied by a personal bear biologist guide, make your way into the vast expanse of Churchill’s surrounding plains to witness the great white bears hunt and rest on the shores of Hudson Bay; before returning to your wilderness lodge to get ...

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Ceylon safari

Explore Sri Lanka’s natural wonders, from ancient tea plantations to golden beaches and some of the world’s most exciting wildlife. You will be guided around some of the island’s lesser-known parts, where you can spot leopards in their natural habitat, watch wild elephants swimming, and go whale watching in a stunning aerial safari. This trip will take in four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Float above the Sigiriya Rock Fortress in a hot air balloon; see the world’s oldest living human-planted tree in Anuradhapura; then head into the forest with...

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Lost & Found

First you will be lost. Then you will be found. This is a journey like no other, where if you can find the courage to trust us, we’ll give you the most rewarding trip of your life. We often forget that not taking a risk in life is perhaps the greatest risk of all. This is a journey into the unknown, a journey into both a physical landscape and the landscape of your mind. Intricately choreographed to deliver profound and lasting change, this journey is about finding your bearings in every sense. You are the adventure. The concept is in essence...

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