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News / Five Sicilian culinary experiences at Verdura Resort Italy

Italy is renowned for its tasty cuisine; soul food made from a combination of traditions passed down through the ages and pure passion. The country’s wine is also popular the world-over and its wine-producing regions are some of the oldest in the world.

1. Perfect Verdura's dishes

Learn how to make some of Verdura's signature dishes in a cooking class with one of the hotel's chefs. You will use organic vegetables and herbs including artichokes, olives and tomatoes picked from the resort's 230 hectare estate and the freshest fish from nearby Sciacca village, where the fisherman haul in their catch of the day.

2. Become a master mixologist

Master the skills involved in making a Sicilian mojito with the resident mixologist at Granita Bar. Basil, mint and oranges from the orchard are all used in the resort's extensive selection of cocktails with a Sicilian twist - devise your own personal recipe to take home with you.

3. Sicilian classics

After mastering Verdura's dishes, expand your culinary skills to include Sicilian cuisine in your repertoire. Influenced over the years with recipes handed from one generation to the next, Sicily's gastronomic heritage is diverse. Sicilian cooking classes can teach you how to make regional classics such as homemade pasta, pizza, chocolate and Sicilan caponata and pastries.

4. Wine tasting

Sea breezes, sunshine and a warm climate; Sicily has all the ingredients for great wine and you can taste the best the region has to offer in classes with a dedicated sommelier. Learn how each wine is made and tour one of the region's vineyards before returning for a tasting session. Make sure you try Nero D'Avola, one of the longest established red grape varieties and divine with spiny lobster, and Marsala, fortified wine first produced by Englishman John Woodhouse in 1773.

5. Olive oil tasting

More unusual, olive oil has been produced on the island of Sicily since the 5th century BC when Greek settlers arrived with olive trees. Verdura's own extra virgin olive oil has a vivid green colour and an elegant bouquet. As well as being used in all of the resort's restaurants, the oil is also used in the Verdura SPA for natural treatments and massages, thanks to its exceptional nourishing properties.

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