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For many, a safari is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, while for others the experience, continent and wildlife become a lifelong passion. Whether you are planning your first safari, or your fifth, we love nothing more than curating bespoke safari itineraries. With over 35 years experience, our specialists have visited thousands of hectares of exclusive game-rich land and have experienced first-hand close encounters with the Big 5 in their natural habitat. We know the most remote places to escape your busy lifestyle and the best hidden spots to photograph wildlife up close.

Safari in Kenya

Few experiences are more thrilling and rewarding than encountering wild animals in their natural environment. From witnessing the Great Migration pass through the Mara, giraffe and zebra roaming freely amongst the Big Five or huge herds of elephant frolicking in Amboseli National Park, a safari holiday is one of the most emotive holiday experiences you can ever encounter. Nature in the raw is best experienced from captivating wilderness camps, stylish distinctive family-run lodges await those seeking luxury accommodation with personal and thoughtful touches. Diverse communities, exotic species and natural wonders combined with gourmet alfresco dining and decadent Kenyan skies ensure endless memories and authentic yesteryear experiences.

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A Taste of Kenya


Meru National Park & Laikipia

Meru National Park is one of Kenya’s hidden gems and was home to Joy and George Adamson and Elsa the lioness, immortalised in the film Born Free. A number of rivers run through the park sustaining large populations of game. The Laikipia Plateau on the country’s wild Northern frontier offers unrestricted freedom to explore the game-abundant wilderness; it also harbours the highest number of endangered animals in East Africa.

Masai Mara Game Reserve

One of Africa’s best known reserves is home to a breathtaking array of wildlife which roams its open grassland plains, woodlands and riverine forests. A year-round safari destination, the Mara offers an unaparalleled wildlife experience that goes beyond the migrating herds. Prides of lions stake their territory, cheetahs roam the vast plains, populated with scores of blue legged topi antelope, elephants and hippos wallowing in the streams.

Amboseli National Park

 With the brooding backdrop of snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro, Amboseli National Park provides some of Kenya’s most idyllic photographic opportunities. A variety of habitats and an open landscape ensure sightings of many species and unrivalled opportunity to observe the social behaviour of elephants – the park being home to large concentrations of these magnificent animals as well as a large number of other plains’ game.

The Great Migration

Often referred to as the “Greatest Show on Earth”, the Great Migration is a spectacle to behold. Whilst natural events such as this are never guaranteed, the herds tend to move in a fairly predictable clockwise direction around the Serengeti and the neighbouring Masai Mara, making the 1,200 mile oval circuit throughout the year in search of fresh grazing and water, their movements spurred on by the rains, making their arrival in certain areas unpredictable. The key players in this endless journey are approximately two million wildebeest, zebra and gazelles, closely watched by an array of predators. It is important to note that animal behaviour is highly unpredictable and dictated often by changing weather patterns. Our map is intended to give an indication of the months of the year when you would normally expect to find the wildebeest herds, but this cannot be guaranteed.

The spectacle of the huge herds making their way across a river has been documented by film makers and photographers for many years. The Masai Mara is renowned for its spectacular river crossings and August is probably the best time to view this magical moment. However, plenty of patience and luck are required as the herds could take weeks before taking the plunge into the crocodile infested waters; crossings are often filled with scenes of panic and confusion.

Kenya is arguably the one destination where you absolutely need specialist help to arrange the best experience for you. It is gloriously diverse, with an infinite variety of national parks to explore or combine part of a multi-centre tour. Here are a few of our favourites.

Suggested Itineraries


Classic Kenya

Kenya is the ultimate embodiment of Africa. Explore the highlights of Kenya’s contrasting landscapes on this Classic Kenya itinerary offering the opportunity to dine with giraffes, encounter elephants in front of Mount Kilimanjaro and spot the Big Five on safari in the Masai Mara.

Sky Safari by Elewana

Kenyan safariing reaches new heights with the Kenya Classic SkySafari by Elewana, an opportunity to travel in executive class airborne comfort during a thrilling game viewing itinerary. The country’s finest sights await, from the vastness of the Mara Plains, to the drama of the Mount Meru foothills, staying each night in a selection of luxury lodges and camps from the prestigious Elewana Collection. Professional guides will accompany you throughout your travels to provide valuable insights into your intimate wildlife encounters.

Safari and Beach

A sugar white beach lapped by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean - a beachfront resort or a castaway island is the ideal safari partner. With Mahè’s resorts just a three hour flight from Nairobi, follow a Big Five safari experience in the Masai Mara with a spot of indulgent pampering on the beach. Read more about our Safari and Seychelles itinerary.

Mahali Mzuri

Taking a safari in Kenya to the next level, Sir Richard Branson’s first East African camp does not disappoint. Mahali Mzuri, which means ‘beautiful place’ in Swahili, stretches the boundaries of what a tent and camp can be. The 12 spacious suites are perched on raised platforms on the side of a lush valley providing sensational views over the rolling plains and the greatest wildlife spectacle, The Great Migration. Restricting the number of visitors allowed into the area at any one time and leaving as minimal a footprint as possible on the land, Mahali Mzuri provides guests with a natural and authentic safari experience. Appointing the best guides in the area, the majority of the team here are Masai and hail from local communities, with Sir Richard Branson himself being made an honorary Masai Elder for his efforts to preserve the land and the Masai culture.

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Little Governors' Camp

Constant game activity can be viewed around the natural watering hole, including a family of resident warthogs, at Little Governors’ Camp. The safari experience begins before you reach camp with a short river crossing across the Mara River followed by an escorted walk. The camp's prime location within the reserve means that guests here are out and about long before others have arrived, with the highly experienced and passionate rangers knowing exactly where to head to for exceptional game sightings. 17 tents tucked away amongst the trees look out over unsurpassed views of the ever changing savannah, in keeping with safari tradition, subtle candlelight makes the camp a peaceful and atmospheric place.  In the evening, a warming log fire burns in front of the Bar Tent, and dinner is served in the nearby Dining Tent.

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andBeyond Kicwha Tembo Camp

Taking children beyond their most fantastical imaginings with its WILDChild Program, this camp aims to deepen the connection with nature through brilliant activities including tracking, fishing, bow- and arrow-making, and beading and other crafts, as well as fun in the lodge garden and kitchen. In a magical touch, kids find an assignment for the following day’s expedition laid out on their pillow when they go to bed each night. Inspired by the local environment and heritage, activities are also tailored to children’s ages and interests. To record their memories, junior guests get a WILDChild backpack complete with a scrapbook in which to paste mementos of their time in the bush.

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Governors' II Moran Camp

Set in the heart of the Masai Mara on the banks of the Mara River, Governors’ II Moran Camp's incredible, wild-life rich location attracts makers of wildlife documentaries from around the world, including BBC’s Big Cat Diary and Planet Earth Live. Here, you will be the personal guest of manager Patrick who has a wealth of experience of the vast African bush. Small, intimate and very exclusive, the camp has recently undertaken a soft refurbishing upgrade to its ten tents, including their own reserve osmosis water filtration system which eliminates the need for plastic water bottles. Birds and butterflies abound, elephants wander through the camp and leopards call nearby. After a thrilling game drive or a spectacular hot air balloon flight over the Mara, soak in your deep Victorian roll-top bath before enjoying dinner under the stars.

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Best Experiences


Dining in the bush

Dining the bush is a special treat, whether it be a hearty breakfast following an enthralling game drive, a champagne picnic by a hippo-strewn river, ‘Out of Africa’ sundowners on a kopje high above the plains, or a romantic candlelightt feast under a starlit sky to the accompaniment of fine wines and the sound of lions roaring in the distance.

Beyond the bush

Recognised by the special red ‘shuka’ cloth they wear, the Masai live mainly within the Masai Mara Reserve. They lead a nomadic life, leading their cattle from place to place, often travelling great distances in the process. Visit a Masai village to spend time with these proud people and perhaps even teach in a local Masai school. You’ll see them perform their traditional jumping dance and can join a Masai warrior on a bush walk to experience the unchanged traditions of animal tracking. 

Ballooning over the Mara

A hot air balloon safari offers a unique perspective of the Masai Mara. Floating quietly over the Mara as the sun rises over the distant escarpment is a once in a lifetime experience. Finish with a Champagne breakfast in the bush and a game drive back to your camp.

Five tips for your safari

1.Even though many reserves drive off road and get very close of the animals, a pair of binoculars is essential. It allows you to better see in detail; from the eyelashes on a giraffe to the colours on a particular bird.

2.High quality photographs of a lioness with her cubs or a cheetah pursing his prey are close to zero with a smart phone camera.  Invest in a digital camera that can focus fast the moment you press the shutter with a good zoom lens.

3.Batteries and memory cards – you need twice as much as for a regular holiday. Charging batteries is not always possible and you won’t find many places in the bush selling these items.

4.On open vehicles we find the seats immediately behind the ranger are the best. You can hear what the guide is saying more easily and it makes for a much better safari experience.

5.Regardless of where you are going on safari and at what time of year you are travelling, always pack a warm fleece or bush jacket.  Don’t pack too many clothes as you are limited to a strict luggage allowance in soft bags, try to wear neutral colours that blend in with the surroundings and dress in layers. Hats are recommended for game drives on open top vehicles to protect you from the sun, and remember that formal wear is not necessary as most lodges have a relaxed dress code.


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