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Review / Frégate Island Private, Seychelles

Vicki Holding, Reservations Manager

The answer is ‘yes’… now what is the question? This was the statement the General Manager greeted me with as I arrived at this pristine dot of an island in the Indian Ocean; and it proved to be true throughout my stay at this paradisiacal resort.

The Seychelles are renowned for their raw beauty, combined with a level of privacy that is becoming harder and harder to find. A swift and exiting helicopter flight to Frégate Island Private hints at the exclusivity of the resort. The 17 villas are nestled amongst the jungle and rocks, dotted on the hills above the island's beaches, making the most of the incredibly beautiful sea views. They are well spaced out so that privacy and exclusivity is assured, and each comes equipped with its own private buggy to help you get around.

The villas are expansive and each has a private pool with spacious outdoor decking and living area - the perfect place to sit, glass of champagne in hand, watching the beautiful sunsets on your own deserted tropical island.

A holiday on Frégate can be exactly what you want it to be and each villa has a dedicated butler to ensure your Frégate Island Private experience is truly exceptional. Wherever you may be on the island, your butler will be there to look after you - it really adds to the whole tailor-made experience. I thought it was a really nice touch that you have the same butler throughout your stay; by the end of your holiday it seems they know what you want before you even know you want it!

Meal times are a highlight at the resort and you can choose to dine in a number of different locations. If, during your day exploring the island, you find somewhere that you would like to eat, your butler will set up a private dining experience unique to you. The Plantation House offers a rustic and relaxed Creole cuisine experience, the fish wrapped and cooked in banana leaves was delicious, and the barbequed lobster so fresh it tasted almost sweet. I was astounded by the presentation of the food in Frégate House - a chilled soup was served in a huge iced tear drop. Utterly spectacular. No matter how many times we asked, the chef wouldn't reveal his secret as to how he had managed to create it!

There are seven beaches to choose from on the island, each with its own unique attraction. There are beach bars on the more pristine beaches and on the more remote and rustic sands, you'll find a little hut equipped with piles of fluffy beach towels, chilled drinks in a chiller and a telephone to call to request whatever your heart desires. Within minutes your butler will appear.

Lazing in the sun by my private pool and on the idyllic beaches was pure indulgence; this - combined with the delicious food - made me decide I probably needed to partake of a little exercise. So, off we went on with one of the resident biologists for a hike through the verdant jungle to the top of Mount Signal - the highest point on the island.  The views from here were well worth the effort - they were truly breathtaking.

As my stay in this tropical island escape drew to a close, I wandered down to the beach; my butler had filled a cool box with beers and laid out a blanket, and I sat watching another spectacular Seychellois sunset.  When I arrived at the resort I felt as though I had landed on my very own deserted tropical island and that feeling never leaves. Frégate Island Private is truly like no other place I have visited before.