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Review / Five reasons to go to Botswana for your next safari

Stephanie Bates, Sales Consultant, Carrier

Carrier Sales Consultant, Steph Bates, explains why Botswana is one of her new safari favourites.

Botswana is a superb safari destination. I could wax lyrical about the amazing game you can see there, but I really want to share some of the other reasons why I think that Botswana is great choice for a safari.


1/ Quality
If you're looking for a luxury safari holiday of real quality, Botswana should be a frontrunner - the standard of the lodges is exceptional, as is the food.

2/ Sustainable tourism
The income generated from tourism is completely re-invested back into the country and its communities.

3/ Educational
At many of the lodges, there is a big focus on education - great for those with a thirst for knowledge  and who want to learn about conservation and local culture.

4/ Land and water safaris
Thanks to Botswana's diverse geography, the habitats are extremely varied, providing the perfect setting for exceptional game-viewing.

5/ African wild dog
Northern Botswana is one of the few places on earth to see the remaining populations of this endangered species. 


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