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The most sought after / Perfect slumber

As life speeds up, it’s time to slow down. Savoir has spent 300 hours handcrafting the £250,000 Three Sixty bed, which is decorated with a leather and maple frame and a yak-fibre topper. This has got to be the world’s most luxurious bed; the discreet turntable technology allows you to select your preferred view via an app, prompting the bed to rotate 360 degrees. Cocooned in exquisite comfort, you won’t want to leave your bed, and now, you don’t have to.

The Jewellery / Hidden reef

Jewellery designer Annoushka Ducas delves deep into different landscapes for inspiration...

On travel

I have visited some extraordinary places, many of which have inspired my designs over the last ten years. I still vividly remember as a little girl seeing my first coral in the Red Sea and that sense of wonder has genuinely never left me: I couldn’t believe that such intense colour existed under the sea.


On nature

My trip to the Philippines was the starting point for my collection, Hidden Reef. The coral there is the most amazing pink and orange – quite unlike anything I’ve ever seen. My designs are a quiet reminder of the need to preserve and protect the sea’s delicate habitat.

On the sea

The sea is a vital part of my life and work. My family and I have lived in West Sussex for nearly 20 years. We are based two miles from the sea, which I love, with the Downs on the other side. It has to be one of the most beautiful parts of England and there is nothing more relaxing than walking the dogs on the beach.

On giving back

I’d love to return to Ethiopia soon to further explore the amazing stones that are out there: I have always loved using Ethiopian Opals in my designs as they have the most incredible fire. I work with a women’s micro-finance charity that is based in Addis Ababa and can’t wait to see the progress that they have made since my last visit.

The Insider / It'll be all white

How to nurture a happy heart in Val Thorens



Let your body relax on a ski serenity session with practitioner Caroline Vincent. Her gentle voice guides you through the slow and steady movements of Qi Gong on the slopes, while additional therapeutic massages and meditation classes make for a truly mindful ski break.


Access all wellness areas at Altapura. The hotel offers wellness workshops as well as relaxing massages, facials, exfoliations and wraps. With more than 10,000 sq ft dedicated to muscle relaxation, physical preparation and recovery, it’s the perfect spot to find calm after a day on the slopes.


After hours of skiing, tradition dictates that you tuck into cheese, bread and potatoes. Not any more. The vegetarian bistro, Supernova, has brought the clean-eating scene to the French resort with a plethora of pressed fresh juices and homemade guilt-free treats.

The accessory / Next level

Glide like pro skier Gaidet. The luxury flagship store Maison Orcel located in Hôtel Barrière Les Neiges Courchevel has joined forces with Manu Gaidet, the Triple Freeride World Champion in 2003, 2004, and 2005, to launch the ‘Barrière by Manu Gaidet’ skis. Perfect for those who wish to look stylish whilst mastering the slopes, these precious, limited edition blades combine mahogany and maple with carbon to provide technical innovation that knows no limits, plus they can be further customised to suit specific needs.

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