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From endangered ecosystems to local communities – let’s get serious about sustainability…

Maldives / Gill Lankanfushi

No shoes, no news is the mantra here and eco-tourism is its soul. Named the world’s most ‘Eco-friendly Hotel’ at the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards 2017, the focus is on protecting the fragile coral reef and leaving only footprints behind, whether environmental or in the sand. Partnering with Earthcheck, resident marine biologist Claire Baranowski manages Gili Veshi, the new conservation centre – learn about coral line rehabilitation and protecting the fragile marine ecosystem or head to a nearby village to educate locals on the role they play. There’s also Gili's No Plastic Policy, so leave all lotions and potions at home – organic toiletries are provided in refillable earthenware containers. As part of its sustainability efforts, the island’s dedicated desalination plant provides still and sparkling water in eco-friendly glass bottles.

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Cambodia / Song Saa Private Island

The whole resort is eco by design. The Cambodianstyle overwater villas are built from ethically-sourced timber from salvaged fishing boats, driftwood has been transformed into quirky furniture and chandeliers created from recycled oil drums. Ethically-minded guests can get involved with a diverse range of projects courtesy of the remarkable Song Saa Foundation, from pioneering renewable energy and educational programmes, to saving endangered marine species.

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Sweden / Treehotel

Owners Britta and Kent are serious about the minimal environmental impact of this luxe hideaway in the most unspoilt natural surroundings. Most activities only need the power of nature – think snowshoe walks, dogsledding and culture-rich encounters with local Sami people – whilst the innovatively designed treehouse accommodation has been built with nonintrusive methods. Inside, materials are chemical-free, hydroelectricity powers low-energy LED lighting and plumbing is water-efficient.

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British Columbia / Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Located within the UNESCO Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve, this luxury tented wilderness resort operates an Environmental Legacy Program — hike into the forest with locally employed Ahousaht people and learn about the emphasis on rehabilitating trees, the earth’s living lungs, from decades of logging, mining and commercial fishing. Back at the camp dine on locally-raised meat and fresh seafood, accompanied by award-winning British Columbia wines.

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French Polynesia / The Brando

Marlon Brando’s dream of a ‘university of the sea’ is realised on paradisiacal Tetiaroa — spiritually important to Tahitians — where there’s a focus on the endangered green sea turtle and sustainable fishing. Close to being carbon neutral and self-sustainable, the resort operates solely on renewable energy from the sea, sun and coconut oil. Do your bit by cycling around the atoll or enrolling in the proposed carbon offset programme.

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