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Turning dreams into a reality issue / Carrier, The Paper

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Playful places, joyous spaces and ever-surprising possibilities / Our World for families

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When you travel with Carrier...

Your sojourns will be sensational, your escapades flawless.  We harness the power of travel to enable you and the communities you visit to live extraordinary and fulfilled lives.  Use our time to save yours and let us introduce you to experiences and people that will enhance your world-view and ignite your passions in places that will leave you lost for words.

Every journey will be beautiful, purposeful and unique. We craft your experience like a work of art, brought to life through deeper listening and understanding of your goals and desires.  

> Discover the art to the perfect journey

Holidays crafted with heart / MORE \ MORE AMOR

At Carrier, travel will always be about looking beyond a destination to the real-world interactions, the marvellous moments to be had and how we make people feel while experiencing it all. From enhancing your world view and challenging your perspectives, to taking some all-important time out with the sole intention of being utterly pampered, a holiday needs more depth than just simply its landscape.

Introducing a collection of luxury holidays dedicated to the places that inspire us to discover the new, experience the genuine, and to always seek out more. More substance, more immersion, more connection, and even more special memories; these are the trips to fall head over heels for...

Inspiration for your next holiday

Playful places, joyous spaces and ever-surprising possibilities / Our World for Families

We’ve learned that the earlier children catch the travel bug, the deeper their passion will grow, whether for wandering the world or for something they experience along the way. So, it’s best to do it right, to show them a world of wonder, of warmth, of all the out-of-the-ordinary encounters to be had, and the potential they have in themselves as they grow.

Introducing a collection of our most beloved destinations and their loveliest lodgings that keep families at the forefront of their thoughts. Dedicated to the places that feed little ones’ travel curiosity, the memories in the making that greet at the gateway of a new country, and to the local people who welcome us as one of their own and make it all possible.

Your time and children are two of the most precious things in the world - Carrier will take care of them both.


Let us show you what's possible

Your curated guide to meaningful luxury experiences / Carrier, The Paper

 Dreams are exciting, thought-provoking and surreal. They push boundaries and the imagination. When life at home has lost its colour, you can step into a rainbow of poetry, art and culture. When you want to see the world from a different angle, you can switch your gaze to a different perspective.

In the latest issue of Carrier, The Paper we delve into these dreams and share how we turn them into a reality. 

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The kind of place you'll never want to leave / The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands

Opening to grand acclaim on the innovative Fari Island Archipelago, this is arguably Ritz-Carlton’s most future-forward hotel. A brainchild of the architect behind some of our favourite Asian resorts, the Maldivian drum was the inspiration for the spherical villas crowned with hidden solar panels. Outside of the pods, on and offshore adventures include a photography studio, dive centre, stargazing garden and Bamford spa taking centre stage over water.


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 You're in the hands of exceptional people

It’s people that make the real difference to a trip. We are imaginative, thoughtful and inspiring, deeply curious and deeply compassionate.  We all have the same vision, a way we feel the world should be seen and experienced, and we create enduring experiences that turns that vision into reality.

Carrier’s Luxury Travel Designers are the ultimate go-to travel professionals and have been voted Luxury Team of the Year by industry experts for the past three consecutive years. They provide first-hand access to extraordinary hotels, in-demand resorts, island buy-outs and private jets if you desire; with all journeys completely customised around you and your needs. With some of the most high-profile connections and relationships in the industry, securing exclusive access to the most sought-after places and people, anything is possible. Enjoy a service that is highly personalised and attentive with the utmost discretion.

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