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When you travel with Carrier...

Each experience we create is itself a work of art, brought to life through a deeper customer connection and a close network of facilitators and connectors.

Every journey will be beautiful, not just in an aesthetic way but in a truly authentic way. It will also be purposeful, crafted uniquely and creatively to meet your individual needs and desires, opening up your mind to the awe-inspiring possibilities the world has to offer.

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Mapping the past, present & future of luxury travel

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The Paper, 40th anniversary special - Must-Read Stories

 You're in the hands of exceptional people

Your sojourns will be sensational, your escapades flawless.  We harness the power of travel to enable you and the communities you visit to live extraordinary and fulfilled lives.  Use our time to save yours and let us introduce you to experiences and people that will enhance your world-view and ignite your passions in places that will leave you lost for words.

We’re here to let you know travel is possible. Yes, it can seem complex right now, but when you have access to some of the most experienced and well-connected professionals in the industry, it doesn’t have to be. Carrier handles all of the planning and logistics on your behalf, we’re on-hand to manage any Covid changes along the way and provide maximum flexibility should you need to cancel or re-arrange your trip.

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Travel Made to Order

We’re not one for temporary service pledges, earning trust and confidence takes time which is why we have always offered complete flexibility and tailoring of our terms and conditions; from amending or postponing holidays at no charge to fulfilling cancellations and 100% refunds should the holiday you booked not be able to go ahead.

When you book with Carrier, you'll benefit from Travel Made to Order, where everything is bespoke including your booking conditions.

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Trust means everything / We’re here if you need more

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Flexibility designed around you

We have always offered complete customisation and this includes flexibility with our terms and conditions. While bookings come with the necessary legal small print, in practice we don’t hold clients to standard terms and conditions; offering flexibility with deposits and balance payments or due dates. Financially protecting our clients is a priority, and wherever possible we allow you to amend or cancel free of charge based on an agreed balance due date. Each booking is unique and bespoke and we offer a one-to-one personal service, tailoring terms and conditions to suit the individual wherever we can.


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The human touch

There’s no denying that travelling the world has become more complex. Expert help and guidance, with that all-important human touch, will be a prerequisite to making your travels as seamless as possible in a world where transcending borders is now more intricate. We’re here, whenever you’re ready, to decipher the wealth of information and what that means for you; selecting the right experiences to ensure the safest and most thoughtful travel possibilities, curated with the behind-the-scenes legwork to co-ordinate a flawless end-to-end journey, so you can explore the world again in complete confidence.


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Private journeys

As airports and airlines are sharing the steps they are taking to make fliers feel comfortable again, Carrier already facilitate more private pathways to get clients to where they need to be. From private jets, security fast-track and private check-in, to your very own departure lounge and the option to board first or last, we work closely with exclusive airport service providers around the globe to enhance your safety and minimise your journey time.  While the added privacy and roomier spaces of flying business or first class provides reassurance to those wishing to keep a safe distance from others.


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