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When you travel with Carrier...

Your sojourns will be sensational, your escapades flawless.  We harness the power of travel to enable you and the communities you visit to live extraordinary and fulfilled lives.  Use our time to save yours and let us introduce you to experiences and people that will enhance your world-view and ignite your passions in places that will leave you lost for words.

Every journey will be beautiful, purposeful and unique. We craft your experience like a work of art, brought to life through deeper listening and understanding of your goals and desires.  

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40 years of curiosity

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The Paper, 40th anniversary special - Must-Read Stories

 You're in the hands of exceptional people

It’s people that make the real difference to a trip. We are imaginative, thoughtful and inspiring, deeply curious and deeply compassionate.  We all have the same vision, a way we feel the world should be seen and experienced, and we create enduring experiences that turns that vision into reality.

Carrier’s Luxury Travel Designers are the ultimate go-to travel professionals and have been voted Luxury Team of the Year by industry experts in 2021. They provide first-hand access to extraordinary hotels, in-demand resorts, island buy-outs and private jets if you desire; with all journeys completely customised around you and your needs. With some of the most high-profile connections and relationships in the industry, securing exclusive access to the most sought-after places and people, anything is possible. Enjoy a service that is highly personalised and attentive with the utmost discretion.

Luxury travel worth talking about...

Feed your travel curiosity as we unveil what’s getting us talking. From the latest newcomers to our portfolio, to curated awe-inspiring experiences that are leading the way within the travel landscape.



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