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    Things are a little new here

    Welcome to our new world. While we may look a little different, Carrier at its core is here to stay: dedicated to bringing you our most beloved destinations and the loveliest lodgings within them. We find the places that feed our travel curiosity, revel in the possibilities that greet at the gateway of a new country, and listen to the locals who welcome us in and make it all possible. We hope you like our new look, so please, stay with us for a while, to dream or design your new adventure.

Our story

Since our story began over 40 years ago, we’ve set out to show that travel is much more than crossing borders. It is both education and indulgence, curiosity and comfort, self-improvement and the downright sensational. We look beyond a destination to the real-world interactions, the marvellous moments to be had and how we make people feel while experiencing it all.


Because why simply see the rest of the world, when you can experience the best of it?

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The world by Carrier is...

Get in touch your way…
We customise every trip to you and our quotes are bespoke. We’re here to offer advice, recommendations and answer your questions.

From beloved places...

Picture yourself strolling down sun-soaked beaches, journeying through jungles, or honouring the history of celebrated cities. Whether its escape or exploration you desire, we’re here to help you on your way to newfound firsts and familiar favourites.

  • A group of lions walking through long grass

    A land of colour and contrasts. Deep red skies, dazzling white sands and clear blue waters; chic cities and thrilling safari encounters - Africa stirs the senses and the soul.

  • a person walking a camel through the desert

    Searing Martian deserts and visionary futuristic cities, all with an underlying pulse of Arab tradition. You'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else on Earth that brings the same level of exquisitely clashing landscapes straight out of a sci-fi novel than cutting-edge Arabia.

  • Corner of the roof of the Hsing Tian Kong in Taipei which has a dragon design on it

    Despite the jetlag and plane journeys that can eat up two days in one, some places are just worthy of the long-haul; and when it comes to the likes of Asia distance really does make the heart grow fonder.

  • A koala sat on a small branch in a tree
    Australasia & Oceania

    From the laid-back cultures of Australia's coastal cities and the natural wonders of New Zealand, to the picturesque islands and friendly faces of French Polynesia, a trip to Australasia & Oceania never fails to surprise at every turn.

  • A hammock on the beach attached to a palm tree
    Caribbean & Mexico

    It's all idyllic landscapes and take-it-easy vibes in the Caribbean... at least, that's what the newbies think. But those in the know, they're the ones who see that not all of these islands can fit into the same mould.

  • The Sistine Chapel ceiling filled with high renaissance artwork from Michelangelo

    Where chronicles go beyond the confines of the classroom, it’s the history that is rooted so deeply within its celebrated cities, sun-soaked coasts and bucolic countryside that makes Europe utterly timeless.

  • Indian Ocean

    Surrounded by expanses of glittery bath-warm water while sunbathing on sands as soft as the most comforting of blankets. That sounds like the quintessential holiday ideal – that sounds like the Indian Ocean.

  • New York city skyline seen over buildings and white leaf trees
    North America

    There’s no sitting still in North America; in fact, it could turn the most docile of travellers into get-up-and-goers. But depending on where you end up, there’s a different definition of high-octane.


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Caribbean, British Virgin Islands, Moskito Island, Branson Estate
British Virgin Islands
Branson Beach Estate on Moskito Island

A pinnacle of privacy for the deep-pocketed looking to escape from it all; this paparazzi-free playground invites the elite to throw on the flip-flops, discover new skills, and let their authentic selves roam free.

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Lush green yoga garden with circle stone feature and hotel rooms facing the ocean
The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands

The brand’s debut in the Maldives is a bold one; this striking, eco-friendly private island resort is the kind of place you never want to leave.

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Europe, Greece, Crete, The Island Concept, Pool Day
The Island Concept

White Cycladic style offset by dashes of dazzling blue; this boutique hotel brings a surprising ‘Santorini with the sand’ experience, for cosy couple moments and champagne celebrations.

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Get in touch your way…
We customise every trip to you and our quotes are bespoke. We’re here to offer advice, recommendations and answer your questions.
The world by Carrier
  • Dream with us a little while...
    Every journey begins with a dream. Discover the world through our eyes in an infinite and sensory escape of inspiration. Watch, read, listen, learn, and dive in to an expanse waiting to spark your imagination.
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