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  • The Colosseum in Rome seen behind trees

Italy is a heady mix of chaos and calm that caters to culture vultures, soothes history aficionados and exceeds all expectations for epicureans.

Italy is a heady mix of chaos and calm that caters to culture vultures, soothes history aficionados and exceeds all expectations for epicureans.

It’s hard for us to name a country more culturally revered than Italy. From the ornate conical roofs of Alberobello in Puglia deep in the heel of the boot, to the adrenaline-inducing buzz of Rome; it is in many ways, the epicentre of Europe. It effortlessly brings art, architecture, food and fashion to the table, all alongside iconic landmarks and Instagram-worthy vistas. With a rich history that spans thousands of years, ancient cobbled streets give way to bustling town squares, while rolling hills encircle quaint villages where local fare and good times reign.

Yes, when it comes to a glamorous, enriching, heat-hazy holiday, in our opinion, the Italians do it best. But it’s the underlying thrum of energy, unrelenting hospitality and passion of the people that truly makes it shine.

A blue scooter beside a concrete wall in Italy
A yellow house right on a rocky green coast next to the sea
Two plates off food and four glasses of wine on a table
A blue scooter beside a concrete wall in Italy
A yellow house right on a rocky green coast next to the sea
Two plates off food and four glasses of wine on a table

In pursuit of…

A former fishing house in a rocky beach cove as the sun sets
… la dolce vita

Really getting to know Italy takes experiencing its finest facets, and although we could wax lyrical about learning what it takes to become a gelato connoisseur, we’re not just talking about tasty treats in relation to the ‘sweet life’. For some, it could mean zipping through the lush countryside in a Ferrari 488 Spider, or arriving via helicopter to an invitation-only vineyard not open to the public. Perhaps it’s about becoming an artisan, getting wrapped up in the fabrics of Gucci behind-the-scenes, or maybe it’s experiencing the wonders of the Sistine Chapel when no-one is around with coveted private access. Because when it comes to la dolce vita, there’s no fixed definition.

Mary Shelley, English Novelist
“The name of Italy has magic in its very syllables”

A sense of place

Get to know our favourite spots in Italy, from the lead performers of the lakes and cities to the rolling hilled sunsets in Tuscany.

  • The cliffside village of Positano with different coloured buildings with the busy pebble beach and small boats in front
    Amalfi Coast & Capri

    Few stretches of coastline can compete with the dramatic cliffs and tangy terraced lemon groves of Amalfi. The inspiration of many a writer, days here melt from meandering through the gardens and grottos of Villa Cimbrone to swaying to beats of a concert in Villa Rufolo. In Positano, the worlds of food, fashion and faith collide; while over on Capri, a heady air of romance surrounds the upmarket hangouts and famous sea caves.

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  • A lamp on a home in a street in Bellagio, Como, Italy looking towards the lake
    Italian lakes

    Italy’s lakes tell a different tale with their shimmering still waters, charming villages and celebrity-seducing mansions. Bond-esque supercars stud the narrow weaving streets surrounding Lake Como, while the artist’s muse Lake Garda continues to inspire with its mountain-backed vineyards.

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  • White limestone dwellings found in the southern region of Puglia featuring conical roofs built up of limestone slabs.

    The once dark horse in Italy’s stiletto heel, Puglia has remained in a time warp between the country’s pastoral past and contemporary-chic present. Its hillsides hide whitewashed villages among vast olive groves and the coastline reflects its proximity to sun-bleached Greece. There’s an authentic side here within the conical roofs of UNESCO World Heritage site, Alberobello, and in hilltop Ostuni with its ivory cathedral centre piece.

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  • A view of Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore over some trees with hills in the background

    The cradle of the Renaissance, the air of Florence inspires culture vultures with the works of legendary craftsmen in Uffizi Gallery and the memories of the Medici’s legacy. While the sweet-tooth-inclined reward their visits with a trip to Chianti vineyards and are spoilt for choice in this birthplace of gelato.

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  • Rocky green coastal cliff by clear sea water that has three small boats just offshore

    Europe’s it-crowd flock to the glittering coasts of Costa Smeralda where a sophisticated nightlife meets a super yacht-garnished bay and miles of frosty-white sand in Sardinia. However, head away from the coast and San Pantaleo’s markets open up a world of arts and crafts and the corner of an eye glimpses the Bronze Age past in Nuraghi stones; while out to sea, the Maddalena islands beckon relaxation.

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  • A road running between green grass fields on rolling hills as the sun sets

    A rolling hilled sunset – all daydreams of Tuscany seem to be bathed in a warming golden glow, with chilled wine in hand. The Renaissance wrapped up in a vineyard blanket, it’s easy to become blindsided by the powerhouse of Florence, but there’s just so much more. Lucca’s cobbled piazzas and hugging walls tempt with rustic food and grand gardens, while further south Siena’s gothic structures demand a neck-craning look.

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  • Gondola boats with people in on a canal between buildings in Venice

    Defying all odds by rising mirage-like from its lagoon, few others can successfully live up to the uncomplicated joy of art and romance that permeates labyrinthine Venice. Living and breathing all the best bits of life, couples drift among canal webs atop gondolas to picture-perfect Renaissance architecture, while carnival masks and parades set the scene alive come festival time.

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  • A former fishing house in a rocky beach cove as the sun sets

    The former Greek epicentre of Sicily offers up miles of lava fields at the base of brooding Mount Etna and walks among the gods in Agrigento’s Valley of the Temples dating back to 510 BC. But it’s the winding shopping streets of Taormina, with its volcano views and theatre, that dip visitors’ toes into the everyday lives of the island’s Grecian past.

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  • Looking through the fountain at the front of the Pantheon in Rome as a pigeon flies by

    The Ancient Romans left many a breadcrumb behind in their not-so-straight-forward paths, but their naming of this Eternal City might just be one of our favourites. Home to the oldest building in the world that’s still in use today, the Pantheon is just the beginning of a history-buff’s treasure chest, while the city’s trailblazing designer shops and seriously buzzing food scene step in to remind us why it’s feeling is so everlasting.

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  • Winter Day at Alpe di Siusi with view on Sassolungo and Sassopiatto, Dolomites, Italy
    Italy ski holidays

    Nowhere does a switch-up quite like Italy; seamlessly going from hefty-buckled footwear to the sleekest après-ski ankle boots. Sociable slopes turn to solitary Dolomites safari adventures, and making spaghetti-like tracks in the snow to tucking into a plate of the real thing slope-side.

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Its essence...



    • Europe, Italy, image of temple columns against the sky at an archaeological site
      Let little ones map out their own Sicilian archeological adventure

      Step back in time to The Valley of Temples. Sharing their secrets, tools and methods, private archaeologists guide budding historians through the Hellenic grandeur of the 5th and 6th century B.C. Equipped with a map and compass, our mini detectives analyse the clues of the past, excited to discover the ancient city of Akragas.

    • Assorted fruit and seasoning on a table
      Discover the secret ingredients to an Italian meal in a Como cooking class

      Under the guidance of fun and friendly chefs, learn all about the lesser-known traditions of Como’s mountain dishes and lakeside treats that’re simply criminal not to share with friends and family back home. 

    • A standalone church below the rocky Odle peaks in the Villnöss Valley, Dolomites, Italy
      Dolomites ski safari

      Renowned for their natural beauty, the Dolomites provide the perfect winter playground, especially when it comes to a ski safari seemingly conjured straight from the dreams of  confident red runners.

    • A wooden wall full of masquerade masks
      Decorate the ultimate disguise in a Venetian mask making class

      The iconic image of Venice itself, these Artisan-guided classes unveil the mysteries of Venetian history and promise to keep a slice of its culture with you.

    • The steering wheel and dashboard of an old Ferrari race car
      Explore the home of Ferrari at Maranello

      A magnet to all car lovers, this birthplace of the “rampant horse” gets everyone up to speed on wind tunnel testing, the history of vintage models, and their award-winning moments.

    • The stone statues of people and horses at the Trevi Fountain
      Challenge your loved ones to a treasure hunt in the marvellous monuments of the Eternal City

      While it’s true that Rome wasn’t built in a day, the same shouldn’t be said for finding its treasures. Answer riddles, take pictures, and search for iconic statues in this ultimate quest for the best of Rome’s hidden legends.

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