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Sri Lanka

  • Three people fishing from stilts in the sea

Bringing everything from timeless temples and caramel-scented tea fields to its very own Big 5 favourite, this admirably humble teardrop country is making much more of a splash in the ocean.

Bringing everything from timeless temples and caramel-scented tea fields to its very own Big 5 favourite, this admirably humble teardrop country is making much more of a splash in the ocean.

One of the most resilient island souls of recent years, Sri Lanka’s charm lies in bringing the unexpected ‘chill’ side of Asia we didn’t know that we needed. Unfaltering with a pride that only grows the crumblier the Cultural Triangle temples get, there’s so much ancient history to uncover that culture vultures never need to curb their curiosities.

While those with a penchant for all things self-searching will surely find peace in the tea plantations of the Hill Country, where a Buddhist-inspired calm and serene natural landscapes simply await shifting perspectives. And with the Big 5 never too far away, the game of gratitude becomes too fun; when cunning leopards reveal their camouflage, and herds of elephants go stomping by.

A large golden Buddha statue above a temple
A birds eye view of a beach with trees to the right
An elephant and a calf emerging from trees
A large golden Buddha statue above a temple
A birds eye view of a beach with trees to the right
An elephant and a calf emerging from trees

In pursuit of…

Four farmers in a tea field with hills in the background
...India’s introverted little sister

Wildlife enthusiasts, big-time feeders, and the nurturer of family and friends; some values can only travel so far, which makes India and Sri Lanka closely bonded. But despite our love for the well-known extrovert, Sri Lanka’s reassuring benefit is its consistently casual pace and cosier distances for experiencing Asia’s inner community in one fell swoop. Spanning ancient sites and national parks to icing-sugar beaches, everything goes softer on the senses – until the scrumptiously spicy cuisine kicks in, of course.

Romesh Gunesekera, Sri Lankan-British Author
“Sri Lanka is an island that everyone loves at some level inside themselves.”

A sense of place

Get to know our favourite spots in Sri Lanka, from the Hill Country that brings a horizon full of outdoor activities to the challenge of watching a leopard go by at Yala National Park.

  • A line of six golden buddha statues with orange drapes
    The North

    A cultural triangle that we can only imagine being cushioned in the softest velvet tenderly holding the ancient histories of Kings and contested lands. All three ancient capitals roll out UNESCO-heritage sites, from a sacred Sri Maha Bodhi tree to a rich collection of monkey-loved Buddhist palaces and temples. While the modern-day magnetism of Colombo’s bustling coastline metropolis delves deeper into old stories and new cultures abound.    

  • Two people walking up a hill that is full of green plants
    Hill Country

    A spellbinding introduction captured by the train journey from Kandy to Hatton alone; this Hill Country brings a horizon full of outdoor activities, from tea plantations established in the 1800s to emerald peaks and rushing waterfalls. Hatton is a haven for wildlife, trekking, walking, and a little bit of R&R, and Kandy also brings a cultural side, from its colourful architecture to its Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic.

  • a beach with palm trees and buildings
    East Coast

    Make fresh footprints in the sand along Sri Lanka’s best-kept secret coastline, that has all the beauty of the Indian Ocean lapping along its sides. Playing host to the traditional coastal harbour at Trincomalee (one of the best spots in the world for blue whale watching), the horseshoe-shaped bay of Passikudah Beach also invites a whole host of water activities. 

  • A leopard laid under a rock outcrop looking at the camera
    South Coast

    In equal amounts zealous, zesty and oh-so-zen. These powdery sands flanked by palm and bamboo groves are sure to lure sunseekers in. But with the wrongfully overlooked Yala National Park waiting just nearby, even the cool days can turn into the challenge of spotting a cunning leopard step out of its disguise from in between the grasses. 


Its essence...



    • A group of people playing cricket on a green field in Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya District
      Play a game of cricket with the locals.

      Visit a local village and join the competition over this iconic national sport.

    • A low angle taken just above water filled with flowers and pads at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Peradeniya
      Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens with a botanist.

      Meet Bandara Palipana, an incredible storyteller of flora and fauna and unravel the tales of this Royal Botanical Garden.

    • A white lighthouse surrounded by palm trees in Sri Lanka during the day
      Enjoy a theatrical dining experience with a storyteller and artist.

      Join Glen, the charismatic host, for a seven-course taster menu filled with stories, music, and sometimes stand-up.

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