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  • A small rocky island with a house in the middle

A homestead for all things mythological and historical, the mountain-laden mainland of Greece and its pantheon of rugged islands know how to attract both hedonist hunters and kindred wanderlusters.

A homestead for all things mythological and historical, the mountain-laden mainland of Greece and its pantheon of rugged islands know how to attract both hedonist hunters and kindred wanderlusters.

Greece’s effigy is that of sun-roasted ruins and beaches galore, however, there is far more to this diverse region than just beauty that’s skin deep. The mainland is often overlooked for its Aegean dwelling siblings, but from the light filtering pine forests of trident-like peninsula, Halkidiki, to the cool creative crowd of Athens, this area is a playground for heritage seekers with a penchant for folklore.

Meanwhile, out to sea, the islands sing an enticing siren song to the masses, like the bohemian gang making a beeline for glamorous Mykonos and the family travellers settling on mountainous Crete.

A remote sandy beach with clear sea water in Naxos, Greece
A small Greek street with white buildings and a pink flower tree
A white building next to a brick church tower
A remote sandy beach with clear sea water in Naxos, Greece
A small Greek street with white buildings and a pink flower tree
A white building next to a brick church tower

In pursuit of…

White church with a bell tower on the sea coast at sunset
… an alt-Greek edge

One of Europe’s most coveted beach destinations, it’s tempting to make a B-line for the loungers. However, making the extra effort to leave all that behind is reward a cold cocktail can’t surpass. It’s all about the island-hopping mixer with your choice of twist; local traditions from Paros to the mainland, foodie finds in Crete then over to Santorini, and nightlife beyond the Mykonos bubble. You wouldn’t get that at the bottom of a pina colada.

Patrick Leigh Fermor, travel writer and scholar
“Greece – The feeling of being lost in time and geography with months and years hazily sparkling ahead in a prospect of unconjecturable magic.”

A sense of place

Get to know our favourite spots in Greece, from the hedonist’s playground of Mykonos and Athens’ cool crowd to the deep caves of Halkidiki and Crete’s infamous labyrinth.

  • A boat anchored in shallow clear water next to a rocky coastline
    Paros & Antiparos

    The calm among the Cyclades, these lesser-known islands are all about authenticity. A realm of relaxation rising from the Aegean, expect sprawling beaches of soft golden sand. While hiking trails tempt outdoorsy types to bask in the beauty of an untouched land, traditional villages of white gleam in the sunlight.

  • White buildings and a white windmill with a brown straw roof

    Casting ideas of partying to the wind, the east coast of Zakynthos flaunts it’s relaxed authenticity and the occasional surprise. Luscious green countryside hides pretty wineries and towns hold intricate Italian-influenced architecture. Meanwhile at the golden beaches, it’s apparent that far-flung ventures in pursuit of turtles are not needed, as the loggerheads lay their eggs in the island’s sands.

  • Chairs and tables next to the sea with buildings in the background

    Living up to its glamorous reputation, Greece’s capital of cosmopolitan is a hedonist’s playground. Going beyond the boutiques and Little Venice’s trendy cafes discovered by day and the jovial bars and restaurants revelled in by night, a little bit of serenity can be found at the more reserved, uninhabited islands like Delos and Rhenia.

  • Coastal Greek town with white buildings and blue roofs next to the sea

    It would seem Santorini was unconsciously designed to cater to the Instagram age. Its rich blue domes and how-do-they-keep-them-white washed walls mean every cobbled street and vista-revealing corner is photographable. In these popular parts, local guides make all the difference where visitors can see a quieter side of the island through their eyes as well as the lens.

  • Arched walkway balcony of an old brick building

    Sitting snuggly in the mainland’s south, the Peloponnese region is a medley of lush pine forests and orderly olive groves razored through with medieval architecture and tradition-keeping tavernas. Travel back in time through the art of pre-Shakespeare Greek theatre and the athletic glory of where the Olympic truce was born. Or discover the beauty of the unspoilt beaches and the importance of the sustainability efforts of Costa Navarino.

  • A small street lined by buildings with wooden doors

    Greece’s most Herculean island, Crete doesn’t fail to impress with its skyward mountain ranges and ethereal shoreline. Boredom simply can’t prevail here, with a bounty of ways to explore; think trekking through Samaria Gorge, boat cruises to Spinalonga or Balos Lagoon, and local wine tasting in the Agios Nikolaos area. It’s also home to one of the oldest cities in Europe and the infamous labyrinth, the Minoan Palace of Knossos.

  • Aerial view of the coastline in Halkidiki with a boat returning to shore

    The three peninsulas of Halkidiki are a throng of verdant forests hiding paths trodden by hikers and mountain bikers, where historians dig for ancient relics and the not-faint-of-heart seek the stalagmites of Petralona’s caves. Further down their Aegean reaching fingers, however, there are beautiful sandy-beach-springboards to the world below the ocean’s surface.

  • Corfu town from the water with boat anchored in harbour
    Corfu & Parga

    Lusciously untamed and the topic of many a literary feat, Corfu holds enough wonders to keep travellers in one place. But should grecophiles seek beyond the Venetian town or filming hotspots, a stay in local mainland favourite, Parga, provides new territory to investigate across the water. Think lovely little coves, a looming castle and chapels on hilly hikes.

  • Big stone steps leading up to the ruins of a building with columns
    Athens & Athens Riviera

    Balancing ancient relics, lazy sea-lapped shores and contemporary cool, Athens and the Athens Riviera’s cultural energy raises no questions as to why it’s Greece’s capital. In the artistic city, greet sunrise at the ruins and tour museums with a private guide, before heading to the mellow marina to dine on fresh seafood. The best of both worlds is found here.

  • White house with some blue accents and four blue chairs outside

    Noted for being the birthplace of Hippocrates,  relics of bygone eras litter the island, becoming a part of the landscapes as much as the hills of abundant flora. With a history tied to the Greeks, Ottomans and Venetians, today it is most commonly on the tongues of travellers for its sandy beaches and volcanic soil-nourished melons.


Its essence...



    • Marpissa town on Paros
      Delve into the heart of one of Paro’s most picturesque villages, Marpissa.

      Wandering through immaculate alleys and past countless churches, the private tour stops first at a local home where antiques are examined and homemade sweet treats are devoured. Then, move deeper into the village’s history by visiting the folklore museum curated by the local Women’s Association. Ending at the 17th century Monastery of St. Antoine perched on the top of Kefalos Hill.

    • Two seater table and chairs on terrace in Santorini
      Savour the flavours of Santorini at sunset.

      In a secret and peaceful spot on the Caldera, settle down for a Mediterranean picnic with a twist. Carefully created by an award-winning chef and served by personal butler, local ingredients meet far-flung influences in the form of spring rolls, falafel tacos and zingy lemon tarts (to name just a few dishes). Enjoyed with a glass of something chilled as the sun goes down.

    • Load of crusty bread on black table with dark dish cloth behind
      Unlock a new skill with traditional Mykonian bread making.

      Journeying through the heart of Mykonos’ countryside, a charming farmhouse is the end destination. Inside, a local family are on hand to teach the precious art of bread baking – a staple in any Greek household. Later, enjoy your creations and other local produce over a hearty breakfast or brunch in the farms courtyard.

    • White and black sailboat during sunset
      Dive below the big blue at the sanctuary for Aegean marine life.

      A holiday here usually consists of swimming in it, but how much do we really know about life below the Aegean sea? Flying to Lipsi, board a research vessel to accompany the conservationists of Archipelagos and learn about the delicate eco-system that thrives here and how and why it must be protected. Ending the day chatting to the scientific Director, Anastasia Miliou, over dinner.

    • Gray stone pathway between green trees during daytime
      Unearth what makes Cretan cuisine some of the best.

      Any foodie will tell you the secret to tasty dishes usually lies in the seasoning. Spend the day touring a big garden in a little village, learning how to identify herbs and curative properties. Mastering the art of pesto is next on the menu, before preparing some wholesome salads that will encourage even the fussiest folk to eat their greens.

    • A rocky coastline covered in green trees
      Step onto the set of many a film and TV show in Danilia Village.

      The pretty replica of a 1930s Corfiot village has hosted a plethora of film crews over the years, gracing our screens most notably in For Your Eyes Only and ITV’s The Durrells. When it’s not a film set, the two village squares, church and taverns are the setting for private tours and events big and small.

    • A coastal town in Greece with white concrete buildings with blue roofs
      Explore Santorini’s best-kept-secret-spots through the eyes of a local.

      As you bypass the crowds with lips curled into a smug smile, an in-the-know local leads the way around the whitewashed buildings to the best photo-op spots without the hoards before venturing further out in search of villages and wineries that others simply pass by.

    • The Temple of Hephaestus - part of Agora surrounded by green bushes and trees
      Indulge in the competitive side on an Athens treasure hunt.

      Sure, there may be a winner at the end, but no one really loses here with visits to local shops, cuisine corners and sites of both the old and the new being the real reward.

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