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Corporate social responsibility

Here at Carrier, we understand the importance of our corporate and social responsibility. We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint and being an advocate for human rights and animal welfare. We still have so much to learn, but we’ve been taking some steps to ensure we’re having a positive impact.

At Carrier, we have a vision to harness the power of our people and our trips to enable communities at home and around the world to live extraordinary, fulfilled lives.

To achieve this, we’ve set a mission to educate, inform and inspire ourselves and others to make more conscious choices that enrich the lives of people and protect the places we travel from and to. We want to create travel habits that lead to joy.


What matters to us

  • Our people

    We want our people to feel well taken care of, respected and proud that they work for a company that is making a difference.

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  • Our locale

    We want to be a valuable neighbour with a hands-on approach to caring for our community & creating opportunities to help it thrive.

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  • Our home

    We want to minimise our impact on the environment by taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint and implementing initiatives that drive more responsible consumption.

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  • Our world

    We want to build a travel community that is deeply connected and deeply compassionate about contributing to the protection and progress of our planet and the people and wildlife that call it home.

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Our people


    • Equity, diversity and inclusion

      We are committed to creating an environment where diversity is celebrated and everyone is treated fairly, regardless of gender, gender identity, disability, ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation, marital or transgender status, age, or nationality. As members of the Association of the Independent Tour Operator’s (AITO) Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee, we contribute to panel discussions at annual conferences and recognise the barriers to diversity and inclusion in our industry while striving to implement the necessary changes to combat them.

      For example, during Manchester’s month of Pride, we led expert workshops regarding the limitations of LGTBQ+ travel and how we can better support this marginalised group to enjoy safe, open and enjoyable travel opportunities.

    • Facilitating an open-working environment

      We encourage open conversations in our workplace to ensure that staff feel better supported to express themselves, create bonds and communicate individual needs. For example, we led menopause awareness training to identify how we can better assist individuals, partners and family members of those experiencing menopause.

      In addition, we provide skills-based training to staff members to recognise the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, with all of our managers being trained to support employees living with mental illness in the workplace.

    • Ethical values

      We endeavour to only work with and promote companies whose policies and ethics align with ours. We work closely with our supply chain and contractors to ensure that they provide a safe and hygienic working environment, wages meet or exceed legal minimum and/or industry standards with no illegal or unauthorised deduction from wages and that working hours of employees are in line with legal and/or industry requirements.

  • 100%
    Line managers
Mental health first aid trained
  • 90%
Menopause awareness trained
  • 68%
LGBTQ+ awareness trained
  • 40
Personal development coaching
  • 5
    Partnerships to support
EDI in the travel industry
  • 7
    Committee meetings
Attended at AITO

Our locale


    • A group of employees wearing t-shirts sporting the Carrier logo stand on a beach smiling at the camera, three dogs are also seen
      Volunteer policy

      Our staff are given two paid days leave to spend volunteering individually or as a team with local community groups of their choice.

    • Wilmslow Animal Sanctuary

      As one of Carrier’s local charity partners, the animal sanctuary at Wilmslow is run by the Humane Education Society, with a mission to care for animals who have fallen on hard times. The society works closely with the local community to educate young people and adults in animal care and welfare, to create more compassion towards all animals. Each year, the sanctuary proudly re-homes around 200 animals a year. Carrier’s support included cleaning out animal pens and assisting with restoring a new pig area.

    • Chorlton Food Bank

      Carrier also supports Chorlton Food Bank, (supported by The Trussell Trust) and their work to combat poverty and hunger across the UK by providing three days’ nutritionally balanced emergency food to local people in crisis. So far, Carrier’s involvement includes sending volunteers to their local food drives and assisting with their biggest food drive to date in December 2022.

    • Maggie’s Run for Charity

      In April 2023, a team of fourteen Carrier staff members ran the Manchester Marathon in aid of Maggie’s Manchester. Just a few minutes’ walk from every major cancer hospital in the UK, Maggie’s provides free cancer support and information to patients being treated with cancer, and their support networks. Following intensive training, our team of runners collectively completed seven marathons between them. We are very proud of their efforts and congratulate all those involved!


    • Smart Works

      Smart Works is a UK charity that believes in the power of high quality dressing, coaching and interview training to help their clients to be the best version of themselves. Unemployed women in need (often referred to the charity from organisations such as job centres, work programmes, prisons, care homes, homeless shelters and mental health charities) are supported in building up their confidence and securing a job. Carrier staff have assisted in preparing for pop-up events taking place in Greater Manchester. 

Manchester Metropolitan University

A modern building at the Manchester Metropolitan University

As a partner of Manchester Metropolitan University on their Travel and Tourism course, we are committed to nurturing and supporting the industry’s future talent. Two members of our senior management team provide one-to-one career advice to students on the programme, guest lectures, and feedback on assignments where Carrier is used as a case study. In return, the students support Carrier in recognising upcoming trends and new skillsets that are set to change travel over the next generation.

  • 100%
    Staff offered
Volunteer days
  • 48%
    Staff attended
Beach cleans
  • 2.7
    Tonnes collected
Chorlton Food Bank

Our home


Carbon footprint

The top of a green forest is seen with mountains in the background

Having calculated our carbon footprint for the annual year of 2022, we are now in the process of analysing and discussing techniques to reduce this footprint by 2050.

Staff across our Didsbury office and Alderley Edge boutique are also being encouraged to reduce their personal carbon footprints by 5-8% by the end of 2024.

    • Sustainable travel

      We work with some of the most luxurious resorts and properties in the world that are supporting the natural environment as well as the communities that live there. From the centuries-old rainforest in Malaysia to the rare marine life in the Maldives, we offer a range of holidays and experiences that support sustainable tourism.

    • Reducing waste

      While offices are notorious for waste, we have reduced ours through a number of successful initiatives that limit the amount of paper used and wasted in our workspace. This includes using technology in meeting rooms and introducing dual displays and laptops.

    • A book lays open on a table, its pages displaying three pictures of picturesque beach destinations
      Marketing campaigns

      100% of our marketing campaigns are run with fully carbon-balanced printers, with old marketing collateral being donated to local primary schools to be used in craft projects. Our business cards and holders are also made with paper sourced from sustainable forests and recycled pulp board.

Our world


Animal welfare

We take responsibility for safeguarding the welfare of animals around the globe, as well as protecting them from the potential repercussions of tourism. We liaise with wildlife authorities to ensure that we don’t promote experiences that could be harmful to animals or their habitats (such as elephant rides and the unnecessary handling of animals). We also educate our suppliers on our policies, better practices and alternative wildlife opportunities, encouraging them to adapt their offerings.

  • 4
Animal welfare & animal interactions education
  • 30
Hotel animal interactions policy research
  • 164
Animal interactions policies assessed
  • 100%
    Marketing campaigns
Run in accordance with animal welfare policies

Professors Without Borders

A man teaches a group of students at an outdoor classroom

Carrier are the official sponsor of Professors Without Borders, a UK-registered charity set up by three lecturers to correct the imbalance of educational privilege and the obvious lack of access to first-rate, higher education in developing nations. They aim to educate, inspire and empower, taking academics into the country rather than taking students out. By developing talent at home and encouraging students to build their skills as well as their confidence, they are better equipped to contribute to the development and growth of their country.