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  • Two small yacht boats anchored just offshore

Brightly-coloured beach huts, rebellious calypso rhythms, and cuisine that famously packs a punch – sunny Barbados brings a scrumptious shack-full of eclectic flavours.

Brightly-coloured beach huts, rebellious calypso rhythms, and cuisine that famously packs a punch – sunny Barbados brings a scrumptious shack-full of eclectic flavours.

Outwardly, this country is a fusion of Bajan fare fragrances and a delectable, sumptuous side where predominantly family-run havens have a timelessness that speaks for itself. Yet venture below the superficial and you’ll discover a twist punchier than the rum itself.

Exchanging glamorous sunbathers for vivacious souls who’ve quickly synced to the island’s beat, they’re inspired by everything from a side-street Souse kitchen and the unmissable sports scene that Barbadians have made their own, to the simple act of swaying to the smooth backdrop of serotonin-seducing tunes at dusk. Above all though, it’s these folk that serve as a reminder that while this island may be small, it’s spirit is nothing short of carnival.

The Fish Pot restaurant in Barbados

In pursuit of…

A man playing the steel drum instrument
…lolling beach-side by day, sampling a different eatery by night

Locally known as ‘liming’, good times wiling away the hours with good company is all in the ethos of the island. And no matter if it’s basking ocean-side or hitting up an 18-holer, there’s always one thing left to talk about: what’s on the menu? While firm-favourites like mahi-mahi and flying fish are never too far away, a deeper dive into the food venture reveals road-side fish shacks and seriously impressive eateries that capture that breadth of Bajan flavour. Seasoning every bite with a loving story, sharing that local pride for each dish becomes heavenly tranquil; until the calypso beat kicks in, and you’ve already found that you’re up off your feet and dancing.

While this island may be small, its spirit is nothing short of carnival.

A sense of place

Get to know our favourite spots in Barbados, from the iconic powdery white sands of the West Coast to the hubbub of local lifestyle in Bridgetown.

  • Thin palms trees on a beach with the sea behind them
    West Coast

    Powdery white sand beaches, iconic streets lined with restaurants, and a vast array of independent hotels that feel absolutely timeless; if there’s ever an iconic image of Barbados that springs to mind, this is probably it. With a family feeling to the coastline that’s almost impossible not to fall in love with, returning is almost necessary.  

  • a person walking on a road with palm trees and a house

    The hubbub of local lifestyle and true Bajan spirit, Bridgetown steps in with its historical insights, vibrant architecture, and array of sports that this island made their own. With restaurants, nightclubs, and many a rum beach shack, this is the spot to uncover Barbados’ story as told from the grassroots.

  • Two small yacht boats anchored just offshore
    St Lawrence Gap

    An electric magnet for the young at heart, the south of the island takes centre stage for all-night dancing by the beachside. Bringing all the best of Calypso, hip-hop, reggae, and more, there’s a synonymous dance between creativity and freedom that the spirited types just can’t help tapping into. 

  • A Sabaeus monkey sat in a tree eating
    Harrison’s Cave

    Because unmatched beauty on this island isn’t just reserved for the land up above, Harrison’s Cave brings an incredible web of geological formations, caverns and crystals that are sure to spark any adventure-lovers attention. And, with a wildlife reserve nearby, there’s even a chance to see the famous Barbados green monkey jumping through the treetops.   


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