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Kangaroos at One&only Wolgan Valley
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We can all do a bit more to protect and nurture this planet, helping to save endangered species or simply focusing on the people that make a place special. Where you travel to and who you travel with are choices that can lessen your impact on the world and the destinations you visit. At Carrier, we search high and low to find fulfilling experiences to help improve, not only ourselves, but also the communities around us.

Train passing through a valley

A bedroom on the Orient Express

Keeping track

Belmond go above and beyond to support the places and people that surround them, so swap the plane for a train on the Venice Simplon- Orient-Express. There’s a new level of luxury on board with three new opulent suites occupying an entire carriage. Belmond sourced artisans at the top of their game in delicate and vintage traditions to reflect the Art Deco heyday of the most storied carriages. Celebrating and supporting local craftsmanship, glassblowers, mosaicists and masters in marquetry were selected to carefully design every intricate feature from marble tiles to carved cupboards. Each handcrafted element keeps alive centuries of knowledge passed down through generations delivering authenticity in the tiniest of details.

“Each handcrafted element keeps alive centuries of knowledge passed down through generations”
A couple sat on the edge of an infinity pool on an over water villa

An aerial view of a small islands with overwater villas connected

Island life

Nestled within the impressive rainforests and beaches of the Koh Rong Archipelago in Cambodia is Song Saa Private Island. Built from local materials by local hands, this is a luxury retreat committed to maintaining the natural assets that make this location so unique. From water conservation to Cambodia’s first-ever marine preserve, the resort’s initiatives partner with villages, schools, governments, investors and donors to improve livelihoods. Gain hands-on experience with specialists and scientists – get to know the native ecosystems on an island safari or cement your belonging here in a traditional blessings ceremony led by local Buddhist monks. You’ll live in complete serenity with a deep connection to a unique environment like no other.

Lobby seating at 1 Hotel South Beach

Rooftop Bar Lounge

In harmony with nature

On South Beach’s famous Collins Avenue, with the sand and sea on your doorstep 1 Hotel South Beach’s cool and minimalist design allows you to reconnect with nature in the most authentic ways. Nature shapes the way you arrive, depart, sleep, eat, relax, interact and ultimately how you feel. Regional, reclaimed and repurposed materials are used wherever possible, including Colorado beetle kill pine to create headboards, Ipe wood from the property’s original boardwalk for planters and driftwood for door handles. In your spacious room you will also find yoga mats, terrariums and hangers made of recyclable paper. Don’t forget to discover the propertywide ‘Daylife’ programmes, spanning wellness, fitness, and family, designed to cultivate positive connections with the community and local environment.

“Nature shapes the way you arrive, depart, sleep, eat, relax, interact and ultimately how you feel”
Two small turtles on the sand

A birds eye view looking down on the villas at Kanuhura

Kanuhura in the Maldives offers an unparalleled slice of paradise all year-round, not just for honeymooners and families seeking memorable moments, but also a small fleet of endangered turtles. Five of the world’s seven species – Leatherback, Loggerhead, Hawksbill, Green and Olive Ridley – flock here to nest and hatch on the beach. Play a pivotal role in the survival of these endangered species by having the most extraordinary opportunity and honour to witness them in action. Join in the efforts of the Atoll Marine Centre to rehabilitate the baby hatchlings and care for any turtles in need. Long after you return home, you will feel the infectious passion of all those at Kanuhura who celebrate and protect these rare creatures.

A bedroom with large windows at The Silo

The team at Royal Malewane

A royal itinerary

The Royal Portfolio is focused on uplifting local communities and promoting conservation. Craft a unique itinerary to two of its South African properties, The Silo in Cape Town and Royal Malewane in Kruger National Park. The Silo is Cape Town’s most exclusive hotel – it exudes style and timeless glamour and has a long list of sustainable credentials, from displaying local artists’ work to saving energy and caring for their staff’s welfare and health. Community is also at the heart of its sister resort Royal Malewane; here you can join the most qualified guiding team in Africa meeting three of only seven living Master Trackers in the world, who lead the way in anti-poaching initiatives. This will be one of the most inspiring, heartfelt and perceptive safaris you will experience.

“Join the most qualified guiding team in Africa meeting three of only seven living Master Trackers in the world”
Courtyard seating at Sandy Lane

Sandy Lane Dolphin Suite

A sea change

Overfishing, anchor damage and climate change all have an effect on coastal erosion and marine degradation. Sandy Lane in Barbados is embarking on a multi-million dollar beach and marine regeneration project, designed by expert coastal engineers from the UK, to address these issues. Temporary nurseries have been created to foster and protect the remaining surviving coral and a breakwater is being formed to reduce the forceful effect of the waves, so you can marvel and enjoy the majestic ocean and beach in the knowledge that it’s in safe hands.