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  • An aerial view of a blurred streak of people as they pass through a busy street

If there’s a satiating ingredient to inspire a zest for life, India’s got the whole recipe. But let the chaos quickly subside and even one of the oldest cities of all time might reveal its vivacious energy starts with a little something called community.

If there’s a satiating ingredient to inspire a zest for life, India’s got the whole recipe. But let the chaos quickly subside and even one of the oldest cities of all time might reveal its vivacious energy starts with a little something called community.

Few countries can claim a story that’s as symbolic in every sense of the word as the one that’s passed down by India. Being the birthplace of four prominent religions and all things modern-day mountain poses; even the spiritual pilgrims to Varanasi will fall short of accounting for its soul-inspiring presence.

Better experienced as a feast for the senses, the kaleidoscope of colours and tumultuous sounds are only ever surpassed by its lip-smacking dishes. Filling everything from its astonishing palaces to its maze of electrifying side streets and tiger-filled national parks; the atmosphere always promises to enrapture.

a building with a yellow dome next to a boat
Close up of a cow in front of a blue building
Building walkway leading out towards a big building that has a domed roof
a building with a yellow dome next to a boat
Close up of a cow in front of a blue building
Building walkway leading out towards a big building that has a domed roof

In pursuit of…

a close up of a person with a long beard and red turban
…getting hugged on all sides

Playing host to the biggest human gathering at Kumbh Mela every year, and feeding 100,000 free meals a day at its Golden Temple, there’s not a glue that could hold India together stronger than it’s family-feeling. Whether the ties are of kinship or of kindred spirits, everyone is embraced, and the experiences are those better shared. From visiting a local village to discover what makes rural farming so essential, to a cooking class in a community kitchen – there is always the reminder that home is where the heart (and the full stomach) is.

Liz Schaffer, Editor of Lodestars Magazine
"India will sweep you up, envelop you, and leave you enraptured."

A sense of place

Get to know our favourite spots in India, from the crowning jewel of The Golden Triangle to the wild parks that inspired the Jungle Book.

  • The building, Humayun's Tomb, with a domed roof and a pool of water
    The North

    Opulent by name and opulent by nature, there’s a reason The Golden Triangle remains northern India’s most recognisable crowning jewel. Intermingling the dazzling ruby and quartz-hued architecture with the addictive modern-day bazaars, the blending of past and present is so intriguing, the story doesn’t need to end with a sighting of the Taj Mahal.

  • Close up of a tiger walking
    Central India

    Where the wild things are. Discover your inner Mowgli in this inspiring birthplace to the ‘Jungle Book’ in this eminent land of national parks. One of the best places to find a tiger in the wild, there are also monkeys, swamp deer, pythons and elephants that are sure to bring all your favourite characters to life.

  • A view out to sea from a beach with trees
    The West

    The go-to girl for her butter-soft beaches, Goa puts India’s softer side right at its centre; where spiritual yoga sessions are only secondary to its spice-infused flavours. While just an hour’s flight up coast, all energy conserved is quickly made up for in contrasting Mumbai, with its epicentre of fashion, Bollywood, and proudly pulsating lifestyle. 

  • Green hills with trees and a lake
    The East

    In a country so brimming with joy, you’d almost think it’s cheating to name a city after it. But what makes Kolkata so deserving of the title is its unfettered enthusiasm for culture, which peppers throughout everything they do from food to literature. And in applying that same kindness to its surrounding areas, the national parks make homes to rhinos, while Darjeeling is the spot for catching up over some of the world’s best chai.

  • a person in a boat on a river surrounded by trees
    The South

    It’s not often that a human hand can craft such insurmountable beauty it holds its own against Mother Nature herself. But with the gleaming palaces and ancient ruins of Karnataka casting a bewitching spell that could even beat Kerala’s beach-side beauty spot, there’s just something about the South that exceeds expectations. 


It’s essence...



    • Tall brown brick monument of Qutub Minar
      Taking in the ancient sites on a half-day tour of New Delhi.

      Visit the red stone and marble-covered Qutub Minar with intricate carvings and verses from the Qur’an, before heading on to visit the first garden-tomb on the Indian subcontinent.

    • A line of large cooking pots with a man behind looking into them
      Try your hand at preparing food in the community kitchen of a Sikh Temple.

      Located in the heart of Delhi, The Gurudwara Bangla Sahib feeds an immense over 35,000 people every day for 365 days a year. Making it a great spot to learn how it all happens, and support the action by making some chapatis.  

    • Five silver spoons filled with assorted-color powders
      Enjoy a cooking class with Ms Anchal Bhalla.

      Having been cooking in the kitchen since she was seven years old, Anchal Bhalla is an expert on all things home-grown food, with all classes teaching the intricacies of India’s unique food culture.

    • A close up of small colourful flowers with a small ornamental Ganesh
      Renew your wedding vows with a blessing by a Hindu priest.

      Taking place at the beautiful Jodha Mahal temple, couples are guided through a traditional ceremony to re-tie the knot with an exchange of fresh flower garlands.

    • Building walkway leading out towards a big building that has a domed roof
      Visit the mesmerising Taj Mahal at sunrise.

      A marvel in marble renowned for its stunning symmetry, this seventh wonder of the world is best experienced during the beauty of sunrise.

    • Two brown cows laid and looking to the camera
      Meet locals in Alwar to learn about the daily farming of cows and buffalo.

      Head out in a jeep for a tour of the surrounding villages during the fascinating herding hour, before sitting down for chai and chatting with local village friends about your experience.

    • Stainless steel teapot being poured into small drinking glasses
      Meet the current custodian of DeraMandwa hotel to discuss Indian culture and insights.

      A proud inheritor of this special legacy, Jaipur Thakur Durga Singh ji is a true connoisseur of Rajasthan’s art, history, and culture. Sit down for a cup of tea and enjoy sharing the stories that span religion to food and flora to folk art.

    • A line of people planting green rice seedlings in a flooded field
      Visit a community of students and organic farmers in Jaipur.

      Enjoy a half-day eco-experience getting insight into the rural life of students, villagers, and farmers, whose organic farms are positively supporting local communities in the village. Finish with lunch together, tasting all the farm-to-fork delicacies. 

    • A close up of a bottle of Peoples Lager from Goa brewing company
      Take part in feni tasting and pairing sessions in Goa at India’s first-ever Alcohol Museum.

      Dedicated to the local delight feni, this beach village museum tells the tale of centuries-old alcohol making processes. With a Goan-style tavern and unique storage vessels, the feni cellar even has bottles of cashew and coconut feni as old as 1946.

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Despite the jetlag and plane journeys that can eat up two days in one, some places are just worthy of the long-haul; and when it comes to the likes of Asia distance really does make the heart grow fonder.

  • Angkor Wot temple as the sun sets behind it

    Cambodia exudes a mysticism that’s hard to emulate, the not-so-secret ingredients of which come in the form of its extraordinary jungle ruins, Khmer villages, buttery beaches and cities of old-meets-new.

  • Two boats with red sails on water with a city in the background
    Hong Kong

    Going way beyond its famed cuisine, Hong Kong serves up a feast for the senses; from the fascinating skyline and lively street markets to a surprising amount of green spaces.

  • A green field with trees and mountains in the background

    Where rice paddies trip down hills and a gateway to wellness is opened to all; the secrets of sacred peace are whispered throughout the land in Indonesia.

  • A green rice paddy hill with mountains stretching into the distance

    Step back to a time of oxen-pulled ploughs and sleepy market towns within the pretty panoramas of Asia’s best kept secret.

  • An adult and a baby orangutan climbing a tree

    With a fusion of Asian cultures, rainforests that mingle with beaches and two skyscrapers standing watch over the capital city, the answer to where to find it all is surely Malaysia.

  • Looking up at a walkway bridge with people crossing at Singapore airport

    In the time that it takes to utter its name, Singapore’s probably transcended your idea of the future; but what makes it all so special is its consistent attention to tending the roots that it came from.  

  • Three people fishing from stilts in the sea
    Sri Lanka

    Bringing everything from timeless temples and caramel-scented tea fields to its very own Big 5 favourite, this admirably humble teardrop country is making much more of a splash in the ocean.

  • Two boats from the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market with one having fruit and another with hats

    Its popularity has risen like the tallest temple tower and images of its Buddha-flanked streets, corrugated rice paddies and otherworldly beaches are bountiful. So it could be argued that, nowadays, Thailand is in no need of an introduction… perhaps.

  • A woman on a bicycle riding through Bac Son Rice Field

    Historically, travellers may have unwittingly overlooked Vietnam for its neighbour across the Gulf of Thailand, but with its mesh of bustling cities, hill tribe communities and beautiful coastlines, this resilient country is turning the tables.