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Travel with sovereign-style treatment

If anyone is known for travelling in style, it’s our Royal Family. We thought we’d take some inspiration from the set of royal travel trendsetters and search our well-curated address book for the most regal of residences – from real-life palaces to private retreats.

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Where does the famous family hide away?

 Queen Elizabeth II was the most well-travelled monarch in history and the Royal Family as a whole give great consideration to where and how they choose to spend their downtime. A much-loved spot overall, the Caribbean has welcomed many a member of the tree; with Princess Diana having favoured Necker Island in the BVIs for family sojourns and Princess Margaret owning a villa on Mustique. Heading further east, Botswana’s remote wilderness and the luscious North Island in the Seychelles have seen their share of romance as the sites of a proposal and honeymoon respectively. As for Queen Elizzbeth II herself, she had a soft spot for Canada, where The Fairmont Empress in Victoria has a special set of fine china just for when she visited


Find the hide away

  • A wooden pier stretching out to sea
    The Grenadines

    This group of island characters is united by one special family secret; that stepping into the cosseted household of St Vincent and The Grenadines makes everything blissfully stress free.

  • Yachts in the sea nearby green islands
    British Virgin Islands

    Like the high society Europeans of yesteryear, the modern-day glamour crowd have always sought the glitzy charisma and lavish status of  the British Virgin Islands.

  • A cheetah laying in the foreground with a safari car behind

    You’ve never felt as remote as in Botswana, with its placid lagoons, eco-diverse island game reserve and the lunar-like salt flats of Makadikadi Basin.

  • Seychelles

    Where Flintstone-like boulders spill from volcanic hills and flawless atolls sit alongside busy island towns, the Seychelles stands in its own bubble of time where prehistoric purity refuses to be eclipsed by clamorous modern life.

  • A view of a small pier on Maligne lake at dawn

    The image of fir trees reflecting perfectly into glassy lakes while snow-capped mountains wrap on all sides; Canada’s all-encompassing landscapes act as a humble reminder that the best adventures defy explanation. 

  • An aerial view of the snow covered roofs in the town of St Moritz
    St Moritz

    With a reputation for elegance and glamour, St  Moritz is one of the world’s most famous winter resorts.

  • A view down a stream towards Aoraki / Mount Cook
    New Zealand

    Two islands soulfully connected by the land and its people – where an abundance of rugged, natural beauty makes its out-of-this-world adventures the ones to rival.  


Live like a Monarch

A 16th century summer residence for the Cardinal of Como; a glittering white marble island in the middle of Udaipur’s Lake Pichola; the official guest palace of Abu Dhabi’s government; the “grand dame” of Venice’s royal residences; or perhaps the largest private abode in the world known as “the last great palace of India”. These are just some of the palaces-turned-hotels that have warmly opened their doors to welcome in guests who want to live out their childhood dreams of sleeping under the roof of a castle.

Royal retreats

Palaces aren’t the only places to bestow sovereign-style treatment, the high-end hotel scene isn’t short of room categories that come with a “royal” title. Delving into our noble collection, however, a select few really shone through as being the jewels in their resort-shaped crowns. From the Hollywood aristocracy that have graced the hallways of Royal Mansour’s Grand Riad, and the guests who watch South Africa’s wildlife from their Royal Suite while their butler pours the champagne at Royal Malewane; to island gems like the Royal Estate at St Regis’ Bora Bora outpost and Raffles Maldives’ palatial Royal Residence. While elsewhere, the Royal Villa at Chable Resort & Spa Yucatan leans into Mexico’s spiritual heritage.

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