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  • A green field with trees and mountains in the background

Where rice paddies trip down hills and a gateway to wellness is opened to all; the secrets of sacred peace are whispered throughout the land in Indonesia.

Where rice paddies trip down hills and a gateway to wellness is opened to all; the secrets of sacred peace are whispered throughout the land in Indonesia.

Those whispers speak of rich variations that have come together to form an experience unique to this 17,000 strong string of islands. Where sometimes differences can clash, here, they stand steadfast side by side.

It seems for every holistic healer taking it slow there’s an adventure nut diving the coral triangle between the Pacific and Indian oceans; for every paddy field reminiscent of rippled 60s flares there’s a dark and edgy volcano; and for every religious festival reveller in the throes of celebration there’s a shopper in the dilemma of which locally hand-crafted furniture piece to ship home.

A Ganesh statue with a small flower on its head
A small empty boat on a beach
a temple with a tall tower surrounded by water
A Ganesh statue with a small flower on its head
A small empty boat on a beach
a temple with a tall tower surrounded by water
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    On the agenda
    in 2024

    With the turning over of new leaves and travel plans in the pipeline, we invite you to delve beyond the destination and into the marvelous moments to be had on meaningful journeys that will make your year.
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    Mandapa, a Ritz-carlton Reserve

    Centred on a working rice paddy field with its own century-old Hindu temple, this one-of-a-kind boutique resort evokes your sense of place in Ubud, Bali’s healing centre.

In pursuit of…

a statue of an elephant with a garland around it
… Bhinneka Tunggal Ika

Or, to translate, ‘unity in diversity’. An archipelago of so many islands is bound to have some contrasts, but thanks to the ancient Majapahit Kingdom leaving behind an indelible influence on the region – from pendopo pavilions to a rich culinary catalogue – there is a harmony that has formed between the country’s many guises. This national motto pays homage to the fusion of cultures, heritages, tribes and religions that have since formed the Indonesia we know today, resulting in a community of togetherness whose facets keep travellers on their curious toes.

Where sometimes differences can clash, here, they stand steadfast side by side.

A sense of place

Get to know our favourite spots in Indonesia, from the ancient ways still present on the island of Sumba to the nuanced corners of Bali that you think you already know.

  • A horse being ridden on a beach while the sun sets in the distance

    Fondly bestowed the name the ‘forgotten island’, Sumba has sat contentedly in Bali’s shadow for a long time. Twice the size of the Land of the Gods, one of the oldest cultures in the area is deeply rooted here, still evident in the traditional peaked thatched houses of the villages and the adoration of the island’s sacred horses.

  • A temple building by the edge of a lake

    The notorious Seminyak is the front cover of Bali, but as with most places, keep turning the pages and there’s a lesser-known world to discover; like the traditional crafts and dances of cultural capital, Ubud, the rice paddy medleys and volcanic peaks of Tabanan, and the island’s best surf spots of the south.

  • a landscape of mountains and water

    Famous for its dragons, Komodo is part of the East Nusa Tenggara island group (along with Sumba). A slow travel saviour, visitors are compelled to sit back and cruise between the islands at a leisurely pace. Diving the red coral reefs and lounging on pink sands one day and swimming between two oceans the next.

  • A temple with statues and trees in the background

    One for the culture vultures, Java’s landscapes gift more than just the beans for the world’s favourite beverage. Ancient temples, traditional villages and pretty pastures soften a volcanic visage, the nutrients of which enrich the soil to aid a thriving culinary scene.

  • A beach with small boats and a mountain in the background

    Not just a pretty beach, there’s a richness of heritage and natural sights in Lombok. Seemingly a world away from Bali despite being next door, it’s managed to hide away from the flocking tourists, delivering a more laid-back and reserved approach.


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Despite the jetlag and plane journeys that can eat up two days in one, some places are just worthy of the long-haul; and when it comes to the likes of Asia distance really does make the heart grow fonder.

  • Angkor Wot temple as the sun sets behind it

    Cambodia exudes a mysticism that’s hard to emulate, the not-so-secret ingredients of which come in the form of its extraordinary jungle ruins, Khmer villages, buttery beaches and cities of old-meets-new.

  • Two boats with red sails on water with a city in the background
    Hong Kong

    Going way beyond its famed cuisine, Hong Kong serves up a feast for the senses; from the fascinating skyline and lively street markets to a surprising amount of green spaces.

  • An aerial view of a blurred streak of people as they pass through a busy street

    If there’s a satiating ingredient to inspire a zest for life, India’s got the whole recipe. But let the chaos quickly subside and even one of the oldest cities of all time might reveal its vivacious energy starts with a little something called community.

  • A green rice paddy hill with mountains stretching into the distance

    Step back to a time of oxen-pulled ploughs and sleepy market towns within the pretty panoramas of Asia’s best kept secret.

  • An adult and a baby orangutan climbing a tree

    With a fusion of Asian cultures, rainforests that mingle with beaches and two skyscrapers standing watch over the capital city, the answer to where to find it all is surely Malaysia.

  • Looking up at a walkway bridge with people crossing at Singapore airport

    In the time that it takes to utter its name, Singapore’s probably transcended your idea of the future; but what makes it all so special is its consistent attention to tending the roots that it came from.  

  • Three people fishing from stilts in the sea
    Sri Lanka

    Bringing everything from timeless temples and caramel-scented tea fields to its very own Big 5 favourite, this admirably humble teardrop country is making much more of a splash in the ocean.

  • Two boats from the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market with one having fruit and another with hats

    Its popularity has risen like the tallest temple tower and images of its Buddha-flanked streets, corrugated rice paddies and otherworldly beaches are bountiful. So it could be argued that, nowadays, Thailand is in no need of an introduction… perhaps.

  • A woman on a bicycle riding through Bac Son Rice Field

    Historically, travellers may have unwittingly overlooked Vietnam for its neighbour across the Gulf of Thailand, but with its mesh of bustling cities, hill tribe communities and beautiful coastlines, this resilient country is turning the tables.