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  • Sandy dunes in a desert next to the sea

Ethereal expanses of dunes merge into wild, coastal wilderness in this sun-baked land, casting the spooky spell of the sands that’s all too exciting and easy to succumb to.

Ethereal expanses of dunes merge into wild, coastal wilderness in this sun-baked land, casting the spooky spell of the sands that’s all too exciting and easy to succumb to.

Desolate and unruly, the turmeric-tinted landscape where the Namib and Kalahari sands collide secretly bubbles with life below the heated haze. The breeze whispers through the dunes, cave paintings hark to old civilisations, and a surprising amount of fauna roams.

But head to the calm-yet-chilling coastlines near Swakopmund’s city and in less than a few hour’s drive you’ve travelled between worlds to the seemingly haunted Skeleton Coast. No camera can do it justice, no entity can tame it, and there’s no better place to throw caution to the wind.     

A group of flamingos stood in water
Namibian trees during sunset
Six zebras drinking from water
A group of flamingos stood in water
Namibian trees during sunset
Six zebras drinking from water

In pursuit of...

A small herd of antelopes walking on dunes
… a lucky dip of landscapes

While it’s taken rhinos and elephants a few million years to adapt to these tricky terrains, the thrill of it all for adventurers is throwing yourself right in the (dry)-end. This means defeating challenging sand dunes for the reward of incredible vistas, daring to self-drive the rugged coastlines, and putting your brave face on for fearless walking safaris where lions stray. And, for when the ground just can’t quite raise the hairs on your arm, there’s a chance to hop into a hot air balloon and see it all from above. From canyons to coastlines, and deserts to dry forests, dipping your hand in means winning every time.  

No camera can do it justice, no entity can tame it, and there’s no better place to throw caution to the wind.

A sense of place

Get to know our favourite spots in Namibia, from getting lost in the petrified forests of Damaraland to the remote home of the Himba, Ovahimba, Damara and Herrero people.

  • An aerial view of a rocky landscape

    A fantasy for a life beyond our wildest imaginings, the Namib Desert tempts everybody’s inner anthropologist out. With its 10,000-year-old rock engravings crafted by the indigenous San people and the petrified forests dating back 250 million years ago, simply getting lost is a means of finding a story. 

  • Looking up at an old lighthouse between trees

    A unique blend of African and German influences pervade this laid-back coastal city, where traditional red lighthouses and promenades set the unsuspecting scene at first sight, but Namibian influences leave a lasting impression with seriously great food, art galleries and a number of adrenaline-filled activities from desert tours to horse riding.

  • A view of people walking up a sand dune

    Picture the first iconic image of Namibia’s gregarious sand dunes that springs to mind and imagine the feeling of standing at the bottom of its expansive midst. Down here, you’re a tiny grain in a gigantic-system; but it just makes the view all the more exhilarating. 

  • River running through green vegetation and trees

    The remote home of the Himba, Ovahimba, Damara and Herrero people, this rugged desert wilderness graced with waterfalls and rivers just goes to show the breadth of everyday life being lived. Steeped in tradition, culture, and filled to the brim with wildlife, this region offers a chance for unexpected understandings and connection. 

  • A pod of seals on the beach
    Skeleton Coast

    A hate-to-love-it coastline that conjures the idea of pirates and paranormal activities, this coastline’s rugged shallows is no stranger to a shipwreck. Making it a great spot for days spent exploring vast marine life (with one of the largest settlements of Cape fur seals) and spending nights telling eerie ghost stories.   

  • Zebras drinking in the foreground with giraffes walking behind
    Ongava Game Reserve and Etosha National Park

    The best of all the big distractions, Namibia’s classic safari experiences bring a completely different experience of the wildlife we already thought we knew; from desert-adapted elephants and giraffes to red lechwe, puku, and roan antelope.


Its essence...



    • An orange sandy dune next to grey sandy flat desert
      Soak in a bird’s eye view of the dramatic Sossusvlei landscape in a hot-air balloon.

      One of the best ways to experience the Namib Desert is in taking to the skies, in an increasingly popular hot air balloon experience. From above, the gigantic orange dunes, dramatic shadows, undulating plains and rocky mountains create a magical kaleidoscope of colours and shapes. And to make the landing a little sweeter, it’s all topped off with a champagne breakfast set up in the middle of nowhere.

    • Leafless tree on white sand during night time
      Sleep under the stars in a skybed experience.

      Some of the best star-gazing in the world takes place here, making it the ultimate spot to watch the show evolve from above in a special sleep-out experience.

    • A giraffe carved into a red rock
      A guided walk with a local, uncovering the indigenous rock art in Twyfelfontien’s.

      Home to some of the finest examples of San Fran Art in Southern Africa, these rock formations are etched with stories from the indigenous San community, reaching as far back as 10,000 years ago.

    • Smooth sandy desert dunes
      Go quad biking along the roaring sand dunes.

      A thrilling activity that’s specially approved to minimise the effects on the environment, thrill-seekers from 16 years old onwards can go bounding along the dunes in this adrenaline-junkies paradise.

    • Giraffe standing on brown grass field
      Take a walking-safari, game drive, or tuck away into a watering hole hide-out at Ongava’s Game Reserve.

      There’re plenty of ways to experience safaris up at Ongava, learning about the adaptations of rhino, lions and endemic black-faced impala. Whether it’s boots on the ground or a few hours spent quietly hiding away, this is a wildlife experience unlike many other.

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