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  • An African landscape with two natives walking

Bright red shukas, the savannah’s most notable characters, and a landscape of flat plains that billow into hills, Kenya is archetypal Africa.

Bright red shukas, the savannah’s most notable characters, and a landscape of flat plains that billow into hills, Kenya is archetypal Africa.

To say that tribal lands, tradition, and a Kingdom full of cool cats are closely connected here would be an understatement. Making Kenya’s authentic soul one that just seeps through; from its symbolically courageous colours to the sheer delights of cultural practices and stories passed down over generations. Roaring it from the rooftops, the Maasai Mara’s Great Migration casts the opening curtain, in loud and proud savannahs that fill anticipant hearts with the joys of roaming the Big 5’s home.

Yet with a call to all challenge-seekers, the Northern conservatories take centre stage; raising the stakes with rhino trekking and eco-activities that quietly support the future generations of our wildlife friends to come.

A view down a dirt path towards green mountains
A lion stood in long grass looking away from camera
A giraffe looking at the camera while it is stood in long grass
A view down a dirt path towards green mountains
A lion stood in long grass looking away from camera
A giraffe looking at the camera while it is stood in long grass

In pursuit of…

A group of natives stood together
...sitting by the fireside of a different way of life

A story so intertwined that their land shares their name, it’s impossible to sink feet into Kenya without connecting to the Maasai Mara’s culture. Vibrant, joyous, and weaving centuries of knowledge into everything they do, this is the place for keen ears to listen and learn. From discovering how fine-tuned instincts between people and animals help these two communities to co-exist, to heading to the markets for insights into arts, crafts and horticultural medicines. Like the soft crackle by the fireside, the scene is almost perfectly set to taking a quieter approach to it all and let the tales unfold.

Calvin Cottar, Director and owner of Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp
“There is something about being completely immersed in the bush that makes you profoundly grateful and exhilarated to be alive.”

A sense of place

Get to know our favourite spots in Kenya, from the loud delights of the Maasai Mara to the conservation heart of the Northern conservatories.

  • Four lion cubs
    Maasai Mara

    Lovingly known as the ‘Mara’ by locals, this world-renowned park brings sheer delight to safari-goers that prefer things big and bold. Where wildlife instincts run deeper than any watering hole they’re searching for, it’s the place to be for the Great Migration and the year-round spectacle of the Big 5. And, best of all, with the highest density of lions in the world, it’s almost expected to watch the King of the Jungle go strutting by.

  • A view of Mt Kilimanjaro

    Trumpets call in this dreamland for elephant-lovers and vista enthusiasts. Expect a multitude of flappy ears dancing to the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, (being one of the best places to view it in Kenya on a clear day), with the expected bonus of wildebeest and zebra zipping by. And, if you’re lucky, there’s a reasonable chance of lions and cheetahs roaming the pride.


  • Two rhinos eating grass
    Northern Kenya

    Kenya’s best-kept secret, heading north to the eco-conservatories of Borana, Laikipia and Lewa is about so much more than a change in scenery. With conservation being at the heart of what they do, teams go to great lengths to protect highly endangered and lesser-known species. Including rhinos, jackal, oryx, striped polecat, and even the jet-black panther, this is a safari experience that challenges even the most familiar feet with a fresh perspective.

  • A giraffe stood with its head in a treetop

    A unique beating heart where urban epicentre meets ‘safari capital’, Nairobi encapsulates all the breadth of Kenya’s character in one manageable and excitable boundary. A hubbub for its café culture, restaurants, and bustling night life, there’s soul in the streets and crafts galore. And, because it wouldn’t be Kenya without our very own friends, there’s a national park and plenty of wildlife conservations to explore.

  • a person wearing sandals and red dress standing on a beach
    Diani and Watamu Beach

    Like a chilled out older sibling whose already paved the way, Kenya’s coastline awaits for when all the adrenaline's done. Think white sandy beaches, days lazing in hammocks and a relaxed village vibe. There’s only one rule in these parts: stop, take a breather, and let the whole trip sink in.


Its essence...



    • A Kenyan local cutting a piece of fruit
      Forage with local ‘hunter-gatherer’ Letilet

      Collect ingredients that’ll be used to prepare your family lunch. All while
      learning about over 300 different plant species and their ancient and modern uses for creating poisons and curing all kinds of ailments.

    • A view of Mt Kilimanjaro
      Take a helicopter ride over the Sugata Valley

      Witness hidden valleys, sparkling lakes, extreme deserts and volcanic craters from a bird’s eye view.

    • Local guide at Cottars Camp 1920
      Join expert guide, Calvin Cottar, through the Maasai Mara

      With over four generations of safari knowledge under his belt, Calvin provides a safe pair of hands to experience boots-on-the-ground Maasai Mara experiences; being able to anticipate animal patterns before they even happen. A designated photographer is on hand to capture the family memories.

    • Kenyan school children stood around a tourist
      Visit a local Maasai village and market

      Learn about the Maasai Mara’s village setup, healthcare, and livestock before heading to their local market.

    • Two rhinos in a grassy field under an orange sky
      Join rangers for rhino-tracking and anti-poaching walks

      Learn more about the endangered species of rhinos as you track down old friends and ensure they’re all safe and well.

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A land of colour and contrasts. Deep red skies, dazzling white sands and clear blue waters; chic cities and thrilling safari encounters – Africa stirs the senses and the soul.

  • A cheetah laying in the foreground with a safari car behind

    You’ve never felt as remote as in Botswana, with its placid lagoons, eco-diverse island game reserve and the lunar-like salt flats of Makadikadi Basin.

  • Baobabs trees lining dirt road in Madagascar on cloudy day

    Unspoilt and uncrowded, Madagascar is the land of the ‘blue safari’ – where snorkelling, diving and sailing in the warm turquoise waters is only paused for a bit of lemur spotting.

  • View of old buildings, trees and mountains

    Arabia’s mystical allure and Africa’s vibrancy converge in Morocco, refusing to give in to Western ways and instead delivering a splendid culture contrast that’s sure to stay rooted in traveller’s minds forever.  

  • A view of a boat from between trees

    A country still with some growing to do, these lesser-trodden coastlines that often act as an add-on to a South African safari are a rare find of authenticity-meets-blissfully-beachy break.

  • Sandy dunes in a desert next to the sea

    Ethereal expanses of dunes merge into wild, coastal wilderness in this sun-baked land, casting the spooky spell of the sands that’s all too exciting and easy to succumb to.

  • A gorilla looking out into the jungle

    Untamed and mysterious, the sulky rainforests of Rwanda are a wildlife wonderland, where golden monkeys peak out from behind dense leaves, bushbuck scarper at the slightest of sounds and gorillas take over the mountains.

  • A panoramic view of cape town at sunset
    South Africa

    The ‘Rainbow Nation’ that earnt her stripes in a cacophony of languages, three buzzing cities, and everything from safaris to Winelands in-between; it’s not just a colourful diversity, but the sheer joy for surprises that keeps familiar feet coming back for more.

  • A small herd of zebra grazing grass

    Tanzania is a Great Migration, the volcanic peaks watching over herds as they cross vast plains and indented craters, eyed intensely by the climbing lions from their treetop perches; but this book holds more than just its front cover.

  • Big river waterfall during dark

    There may be no need for the classic beige suit, but the boots are essential in this home of the iconic walking safari that encapsulates the memory of 70s treks gone by.

  • A sail boat at waters edge

    The archipelago of Zanzibar is somewhat of a wildcard, but with its bohemian vibe, mellow pace and decidedly quieter yet still sugar-white sands, it gives the Maldives a run for its money.

  • an elephant with tusks walking in tall grass

    Bringing off-the-beaten-track safari experiences that’re just as active as its dramatic Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe is no stranger to a thrilling escapade.