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  • Aerial view of the coastline in Halkidiki with a boat returning to shore

The three peninsulas of Halkidiki are a throng of verdant forests hiding paths trodden by hikers and mountain bikers, where historians dig for ancient relics and the not-faint-of-heart seek the stalagmites of Petralona’s caves. Further down their Aegean reaching fingers, however, there are beautiful sandy-beach-springboards to the world below the ocean’s surface.

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Zornitza Family Estate
Zornitza Family Estate Relais & Châteaux

You’re not likely to have heard of this secluded retreat, but will want to keep it to yourself once you’ve discovered its charms.

Despite being easy to get to, this is relatively uncharted territory for luxury travellers. Clothed in a vineyard pinstripe suit, Zornitza’s expansive surroundings of green-gold hills and distant misty mountains seem somewhat Tuscan in appearance. The deception, however, ends here as within the strong stone and rustic timber walls, the spirit (not to mention the wine) is distinctly Bulgarian.