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Recreate the joy travel can bring at home / Stay curious

Curiosity is the desire to learn, to understand and experience new things, it broadens our minds and expands our horizons. It’s a key ingredient for self-improvement and success. And it’s one of the reasons we all love to travel.


 The value of a holiday is so much more than just the chance to escape for a while. Travel is exciting, it’s exhilarating, yes, but it’s also life enriching; it brings us up close and personal with cultures outside of our own, opens us up to new experiences, sights, sounds, tastes and smells, changing ourselves and how we view the world.

It's true that ‘you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’. And whilst there are travel restrictions right now, we know that there will be a need and desire to escape once all of this is over; to reconnect with family and friends, to boost health and wellbeing, or to give a little back to our global communities. Until then, reap the rewards of venturing outside of your four walls, even if it’s just virtually for now. Recreate the joy travel can bring at home, invite a little bit of the world into your living room… and remember to stay curious.

7 under-the-radar luxury brands with a travel twist

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World on a plate

Food is synonymous with travel. For most of us, it's an opportunity to discover exciting new flavours, sample regional specialities or simply enjoy lengthy al fresco lunches or balmy evenings under the stars. Food has the power to instantly bring back the smell of the air and that feeling of relaxation experienced whilst on holiday.

For all the flavour hunters using this time to expand your recipe repertoire, here’s our five to try – deliciously easy dishes that remind us of our favourite faraway places…

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Turn afternoon tea into an immersive experience

We find comfort in drinking a cuppa and right now we’re drinking even more tea whilst isolating at home and working remotely. But it’s easy to miss the history, art and complexity that underlies such a simple pleasure. Storytelling and gaining a deeper understanding of how tea has travelled through the centuries, across the globe and making its way into our lives and traditions can add layers of meaning to our pleasure – it becomes not just a drink but an experience.

Here we take you on a journey to discover five destinations that have played a significant part in this history and their intriguing tea rituals, ceremonies and experiences.

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Life without travel for the UK’s top travel editors

We’re remaining connected to our trusted friends in our beloved industry and recently chatted to four of the top editors from travel and lifestyle magazines in the UK about life without travel.

Authorities in the world of escapes, hear them enthuse about the places they hold dear, how they’re fulfilling time whilst they can’t travel and where they plan to go first once restrictions are lifted.

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Journeys to come

Now’s a good time to be planning and plotting a life changing trip for future travels after isolation.

We’re staying hopeful – travel will return, and when it does, we’ll be ready.  In the meantime, our experts are on-hand to provide the help and guidance you may need to design your dream holiday, create your own private spaces and ensure your time is spent on thoughtful experiences, which can be embarked upon just as soon as it is safe to travel again.

From up-close wildlife encounters to far-flung beaches and epic mountain ranges, here's just a handful of ideas that will inspire and provide something and somewhere to look forward to.

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Health & well-being / Why everyone is talking about self-care…

It may seem like the word is getting overused right now, but we’re here for it.

At a time when many are feeling rather disorientated, overwhelmed or just trying to keep up with new schedules and the different energy levels of those around us, we’d all do well to give ourselves a daily dose of compassion.

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Health & well-being / Tools for making you feel good


Colour me happy

A mood-boosting photo collage of our favourite colour palettes at the moment and the emotions they are invoking in us.

The psychology of colour

Wellness vs. Well-being

Five hotels that adopt a more holistic take on helping their guests achieve peace of mind, joy and confidence.

Allow yourself some me-time

Close your eyes and listen

We invite you to take a moment, close your eyes and be transported to a faraway destination.

Instagram soundscapes

Travel and its power to transform us

During this coronavirus crisis, time (often the most cherished thing in our lives and savoured on our sojourns) has slowed down and almost paused. Travel has fast become a much more precious commodity to us all.

When this luxury returns, time away from home will need to feel really worth it; a simple visit to a new destination or days spent relaxing on a beach may not be enough, and it's probable you'll want more help and guidance than ever before. We’re here to ensure your future travels are more thoughtful and purposeful, spending time on the right experiences, in the right places and at a pace set by you. Let us guide you to richer, happier days…

How to get more from your trips

Bringing travel into your home

We’re here to brighten up your time at home, bringing the joy of travel directly to you. We share our favourite food, music, films and TV shows that will transport you to beautiful destinations across the globe at just the click of a button.

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Bringing travel into your home

With regular travel off the cards during these unprecedented times, we bring you all the thoughtful, clever videos, articles and more from our partners around the globe that invite you to stay curious.


Safari with &Beyond

Stream twice-daily game drives live from your living room and catch up on those you've missed.

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Smile with Chiva-Som

A warm smile is a powerful thing. Lower your stress, improve your mood and beam along with Chiva-Som.

Smile for the world

Meditate with Grand Velas

Achieve peace and calm with a 3 minute meditation to the sound of the sea.

Let me try

Instagram soundscapes / Close your eyes...

let us whisk you away

Check back soon for more…

We hope this curation of experiences, stories, videos and more, reminds you of why you love to travel. Check back soon as we have lots more ideas to inform and entertain you during this time and we’ll be updating these resources regularly.

For our latest updates on the COVID-19 travel implications, visit our information page below…

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