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Tasting history

Grand, theatrical feasts can resurrect the pomp and ceremony of vast historical empires while private meals can unlock a door into a quiet, spiritual way of life.

So many of Asia’s rich cultures and traditions find their clearest manifestation in their cuisine. Ingredients and influences from across the world have been developed by generations of everyday people offering new memories to those who experience them afresh. A truly nourishing journey into the soul of this continent is incomplete without entering wholeheartedly into fascinating, varied – and, most importantly, delicious – dishes.


1. Red lanterns at Bangkok's street food centre, Yaowarat

2. Staple Vietnamese dish, bánh mì - a filled baguette inspired by the French

3. Colourful spices at a market in Delhi, India

4. Vietnamese woman selling tropical fruit on a market

5. Chefs prepping at East Asian eatery Ji Restaurant in Bali, Indonesia

6. Indian food: Tandoori kumba with chutney

7. People cooking at Indian street food market

8. Street food vendor in Hanoi, Vietnam

9. Alvin Yapp at his home which is dedicated to Peranakan culture in Singapore

10. Balinese Rijsttafel including pork satay, gedang mekuah, chicken tum and fried shrimp

11. Traditional Cambodian Khmer fish amok curry

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