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A luxury Mediterranean cruise is the modern answer to the grand tour of 18th century romantics, a region resplendent with Rivieras and coastlines of sensual perfection where the heady aroma of freshly prepared local specialities trickles down the streets. It is this excess of serenity that pervades the Mediterranean which transcends it from merely a place to a feeling, an expectation of picturesque coastlines that exude understated grandeur and cities steeped in history.

To ensure you experience this coveted region as it should be, we only offer the best Mediterranean cruises. Whether you want to explore the east or west, all of these luxury European cruises are designed to showcase the warm South at its best. After drowsy, slow days spent on the French Riviera or afternoons soaking in the vast history of Italy’s most famous cities, returning to a luxury cruise line at the end of the day ensures you will spend your evenings ensconced in the comfort of plush private rooms as you drift towards your next destination.

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