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7 Under-the-radar luxury brands with a travel twist

Carrier are extremely proud to be a member of the Walpole, the official sector body for the UK’s finest luxury brands.

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Walpole’s purpose is to promote, develop and nurture the next generation of British luxury brands. Heritage, craftsmanship, quality and service excellence are traits we share with our fellow members alongside creativity, imagination and entrepreneurial thinking. Let us introduce you to some of the newest luxury brands in our world for a travel inspired life, including:

  • A travel tech case that could become a life-lasting heirloom
  • A London apothecary creating travel sets to support your emotional and
  • physical health as you travel across times zones
    Handcrafted travel backgammon sets, that are beyond stylish – these are not just a luxury board game but objets d'art
  • Fine jewellery that evokes memories of magical destinations and often only discovered through word of mouth
Anabela Chan Paradise Turquoise Neclace
Anabelachan Coral Ocean Drop Earrings
Anabela Chan Paraiba Ocean Ring

Make a Statement

Anabela Chan is a fine jewellery brand with her statement pieces gracing the red carpet, worn by Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Anne Hathaway and Taylor Swift amongst other global superstars. Anabela Chan is the first of its kind to champion laboratory-grown gemstones paired with high-jewellery designs, artisanal craftsmanship, and an ethical sustainability focus. With awards from Vogue Talents, The British Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council, FT How To Spend It named her London boutique one of the city’s best kept secrets. Her unique jewels are presented at some of the most exclusive boutiques in the world and are often only discovered through word of mouth.

The ‘Palms’ collection, inspired by exotic flora and fauna from far away islands and treasures of the Sea, evokes special memories from magical destinations around the world. The turquoise blues are reminiscent of the crystal blue waters in the Maldives whilst the pink opals and orange sapphires reflect the kaleidoscopic colours of the Caribbean corals. From the Turquoise Paradise necklace to the Coral Opal Ocean Drop Earings; these beautiful works of art add the finishing touches to any tropical escape and can also provide a timeless and treasured memory of places you hold dear.

>Anabela Chan, The Palms Collection

Araminta Campbell Signature Feather Scarf

Tweed Holdall

Luxury is out, bespoke luxury is in

Luxury means different things to different people, it’s personal. Bespoke is something that is custom made, but it will only take on the aura of bespoke luxury if it gives you true value and perfectly complements your personality and style. Luxury is out; bespoke luxury is in. One brand providing unique, one-of-kind timeless textiles that tell a story is Araminta Campbell.

Araminta Campbell specialises in creating exceptional textiles expressing Scotland’s natural beauty and weaving heritage. Every one-of-a-kind piece making up her Signature collection is handwoven from the finest undyed British alpaca by skilled weavers in her Edinburgh studio. Recent projects have included designing the custom tweed and tartan for the Fife Arms Hotel, a house tweed for Saville Row tailor Featherstone London and a new personal tweed to celebrate a client’s 60th birthday. The experience of having something custom made is just as enjoyable as the product  itself;  and when its more personal it becomes more pleasurable. 

Araminta’s bespoke textile design service offers many possibilities; from unique cashmere shawls to keep the evening sea breeze away in Greece to custom made luggage and tweed holdalls that would be the envy of any elegant traveller. With sustainably sourced, quality materials and so beautifully made, Araminta’s products become unique timepieces that can be passed down through generations and treasured forever.

> Introduce me to Araminta Campbell

Anatome Mens Travel Set

Complete Womens Travel Set

Your pathway to a healthy and fulfilling life

Many of us right now are rethinking how we spend our time and how to take better care of ourselves. Anatome is a London apothecary driven by the simple belief that nutritional and emotional balance is the pathway to a healthy and fulfilling life. Founded by Brendan Murdock, he and his team have created a collection of organic skincare, essential oils and dietary supplements. Anatome products are available through select partners that include NET-A-PORTER and MR PORTER as well as online. As a brand Anatome aim to empower you to live your life to the fullest, combining the very best of nature and science to restore calm to our lives. Using an expert team of aromacologists and nutritionists, Anatome has the most natural nutritional supplements, vitamins and botanical therapeutic oils on earth, to support sleep, recovery, health and much more.

Whilst travelling our body and mind need extra support as our routines swirl out of sync; whether it’s difficulty sleeping as you cross time zones or irregular diets due to busy schedules, Anatome’s travel sets are just what you need for your next journey.  Tailored sets for both men and women are aimed at supporting health and wellbeing, anchoring the body and centering the mind.  This is the must-have accessory for health-conscious travellers; arrive in your destination with the space for optimisim and serenity.

> Anatome Travel Sets

Turning travel accessories into lifetime heirlooms

A real success story of one of Walpole’s Brands of Tomorrow programme, STOW has disrupted the world of luxury accessories. Their contemporary, colourful and practical designs are meticulously hand-crafted for a lifetime of use. Admired for their bold styles, STOW accessories are used by Meghan Markle, Bobbi Brown, Victoria Pendleton CBE and Karren Brady CBE. Carol Lovell founded STOW in 2013, she still has a leather writing case which she was given on her 18th birthday by her mother. Carol’s mother – now in her eighties – still uses her own leather writing case which was gifted to her on her own 18th birthday. Three, indispensable leather Tech cases are available in three three sizes: Executive, World Class and First Class.

Closed Stow Tech Case

Stow wallet open with pencil, airtag, and passport

The Tech Case Collection

Like the writing cases, these luxury leather goods are life-lasting heirlooms crafted for many years of use. Designs are hand made by expert artisans in the highest quality sustainable leather sourced in Europe and come with a commitment to create durable, beautiful gifts. The Tech Case Collection is a modern staple for first-class travelling, with a multitude of compartments designed to keep on top of travel organisation. 

If you have adventure in your bones and aspire to push boundaries while also appreciating the centuries old traditional artisan skills required to craft excellence, you’ll simply love the travel products from this visionary brand.

> STOW Tech Case Collection

Her original backgammon sets are lovingly considered and beautifully handcrafted, striking that balance between games and objets d'art. And they're widely adored, with her creations being owned and commissioned by Royalty and VIPs from Richard Branson to Elle Macpherson. If luxury to you is quality time away spent with family and friends and meeting new people, Alexandra Llewellyn’s Travel Backgammon Sets are an amazing accompaniment and facilitator. The Palm Travel Set was inspired by hazy summer days spent under Moroccan date palms as well as Llewellyn’s favourite stones, rose quartz and green agate, the set is expertly handcrafted in Spain using semi-precious stones and leather. This signature set reimagines the traditional game as a work of art, bringing people together and helping families and friends to spend time more wisely.

> Alexandra Llewellyn Handcrafted Travel Sets

Our future is the greatest luxury

Miller Harris strongly believe that our future is the greatest luxury that we all have and that it is available to everyone. Their new Bath and Body collection shows the significant steps that are being taken to produce luxury products that also limit the impact on our planet. Each small step takes the brand further on its sustainable journey to preserve our future. Miller Harris breathes colour and life into the classic perfumer’s art, creating complex couture perfumes designed to tell vivid urban stories. If you’re missing long lazy days on the beach in sunnier climes, their fragrance, L'Eau Magnetic could be just what you need to lift spirits. A scent that’s inspired by the beach and clear blue skies as long as you can see, with a gentle breeze and waves lapping at the shore. Their pocket perfumes are also a perfect travel-friendly fragrance so you can top up on the go.

 > L'Eau Magentic Fragrance

> Miller Harris Pocket Perfumes

Two wine bottles

Vineyard Simpsons Wine Estate

Sparkling savoir-faire closer to home

France has earned its reputation as the world leader in fine sparkling wine because French winemakers have spent centuries cultivating the grapevine, adopting a labour intensive fermentation process known as méthode traditionnelle, paying particular attention to the minute differences of various plots of land and the proximity of the winery to the vines. Ruth and Charles Simpson have brought this savoir-faire back to England, having made award-winning wines at their stunning, southern French wine estate for many years.  They settled for nothing less than the finest parcels of land in southern England to plant the vines for Simpsons’ exceptional English sparkling wine. Occupying glorious positions on the sunny, sheltered slopes of the North Downs of Kent each vine at the Simpsons' vineyards is carefully planted and nurtured by them and each bunch of grapes will, when the moment is quite right, be picked and pressed by them.

You will only find Simpsons' grapes in Simpsons' wines – none bought in, no method outsourced. Since their first harvest in 2016, Simpsons Wine have produced a highly-acclaimed range of exclusively estate grown still and sparkling wines, including the gold-medal-winning Chalklands Classic Cuvee 2016. Perfection cannot be hurried and there is no place for impatience in the production of sparkling wine. The Simpsons are never in a hurry to release their wine and wait until the optimal moment to disgorge and release each bottle. So what better way to reward yourself right now or brighten up the day of a friend or relative you haven’t seen for a while than with a mixed case of sparkling indulgence...

>Sparkling Indulgence Mixed Case