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From your home to another's

Words by Marianne Dick

Whether you’re looking for a place to while away the morning in bed or a private sanctum to return to after a day of exploring different worlds, certain places possess an air that allows them to transcend hotel status and become homes.

The Datai Suite Balcony
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There’s something comforting about staying in a place where everyday tasks are taken care of and you can relax into your most unencumbered self – one that is fully open to transformative experiences. Swap your home for another’s and discover new flavours, sights and sounds in some of the world’s most secret spots.

From your bedroom to another's

What makes the Meadow Suite in New York’s Crosby Street Hotel so spellbinding is the contrast between its serene interiors and the bustling streets of SoHo below. The suite is perched on the second floor and boasts the floor-to-ceiling windows and doors that are synonymous with downtown New York. However, these particular windows and doors don’t look out onto the pavement… Instead, they lead to a secret sylvan garden that’s all yours, awash with lush, tumbling fauna. From al fresco breakfasts to pre-dinner toasts, the Meadow Suite makes for a Big Apple city break like no other and is a bedroom you’ll never want to leave.

From your family to another's

Amanjena in Marrakech is nestled within Morocco’s diverse geography, with ocean expanses, desert dust, and mountain ranges all within easy reach, but they’ve found another way you can explore the true essence of this magical destination – by visiting a local Berber family in their home. The family will welcome you with open arms, share tea, a tagine, and insights into their everyday lives before embarking on a trip to the local market and perhaps even a hike. And when you return to the hotel for years to come, you can reunite with the family, forming an even deeper bond and understanding of the culture.

From your street to another's

Whether it’s the confluence of a river or the area where countries overlap, the point at which two places meet is often considered significant and, at times, rather moving. Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle can be found where ThailandBurma and Laos converge, among unspoilt wilderness, languorous rivers and majestic mountains. The bedroom window that overlooks busy streets back home is replaced with raised tented suites overlooking endless grasslands where elephants roam - a vista reminiscent of silver screen adventures - promising a stay that is both memorable and meditative.

From your garden to another's

A stay at The Datai Langkawi is like being dropped into a botanical garden of dreams. Perched on the north-west tip of the Malaysian island, the grounds of this halcyon hotel are made up of the Malaysian island, the grounds of this halcyon hotel are made up of the deep green rainforest that surrounds it. Stay in one of the canopy rooms to rest among the tall trees that hum with the tranquil rustles of exotic fauna – a hike here will lead to a secret waterfall or a white-sand beach. With such epic glimpses into nature, the magnitude of it will make for a humbling and restorative experience.

From your kitchen to another's

Our sense of taste has the power to stir nostalgia and transport us to a significant memory in just seconds. At Capella Bangkok, Chef Lek reminisces about his own personal journey on a gastronomic tour of the bustling and creative Charoenkrung Road. Taste all manner of delights from the ‘hole-in-the-wall’ restaurants that have shaped his palate and then learn with Lek in an intimate cookery demonstration, where he shares one of his grandmother’s secret recipes. After such an experience, flavours become enriched with feelings, and textures carry all kinds of tales.