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Because some places are just worthy of the long-haul.

Because some places are just worthy of the long-haul.

With so much to pack, the threat of baby jetlag, and plane journeys that can eat up two days in one, longer trips are often sacrificed in favour of short-haul neighbours. But when it comes to the likes of Asia, distance really does make the heart grow fonder.

There’s a big importance placed on family and hospitality in these parts so tribes of all shapes and sizes are welcomed with open arms. You won’t find many kids’ or teens’ clubs, instead, it’s all about spending time together and introducing every generation to something new.

Thailand embraces the culturally curious who are just dipping their toes into the continent, showing off its eclectic mixture of serene spirituality, bustling cities and chilled-out beaches. A short yet deliciously sweet tour of Singapore and Indonesia oomphs up the exploration factor, adding an emphasis on foodie culture, sustainability and natural surroundings.While the hardy souls with their teens in tow head to the cacophony that is India, leaving their culture shock behind ready to be replaced with explosions for the senses and meetings with the colourful characters both from real life and out of the pages of The Jungle Book.

Aerial view of Phi Phi Island and coastline with two boats in the shallow water

Eat, play
& explore

Dip inquisitive toes into the Asian continent on a classic tour of Thailand, taking in the country’s bustling capital, natural wilderness and picturesque beaches.

It’s little wonder Thailand is the first long-haul voyage parents are keen to introduce their brood to – it’s the perfect gateway into the East. Starting in on-the-go Bangkok, rumbling tummies are satisfied with a day tour of the local restaurants and street vendors – walked off only by exploring the winding streets of the city’s neighbourhoods, shrines and churches. Travelling north, Chiang Mai, with it’s tranquil countryside and magnificent temples, proves to be a closet adrenaline junkie with tuk tuk tours, helicopter rides and cycling adventures. When little (and big) legs are in need of some downtime, Phuket enters stage left with blissful beaches just begging to be lounged upon. Getting out and about a little bit can’t be helped though, especially when there’s cooking classes and kayaking on offer.

Eastern island

A beach with small boats and a mountain in the background
When an archipelago swathed in lush rainforest and the ultimate urban playground unite, it proves that jumping between islands isn’t just reserved for the Mediterranean.

Proud to be a melting pot of cultures that has just got bigger over the years, Singapore has the evidence to show that it’s more than just a gateway city. A busy four days wandering the streets that blend restored colonial architecture with futuristic designs introduces both newbies and long-time returners to the history of the region, with sidecar tours and a visit to a Peranakan-dedicated house museum. Meanwhile, fussy eaters have their developing taste buds tickled with an explosion of flavours that will earn them a new favourite dish. Heading into the wilds of Bawah Reserve in Indonesia, the vibe couldn’t be more different. Here it’s all about island life and reconnecting with each other. Wake up to an orchestra of wildlife before heading out for the day to snorkel the psychedelic lagoons, sail between the six islands and test your skill at batik art.

Golden Triangle
& golden sands

a group of people riding on a bicycle
In a country known for its dazzling opulence, explore the innumerable facets of India’s most precious gems.

The crown of the nation, the Golden Triangle holds precious stones of ruby and quartz hued architectures within its three grand cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Begin in the beautifully chaotic bazaars and forts of scarlet and gold, unearthing the Arabic inscriptions engraved within the silky marble of the Taj Mahal and following the intricate paintings lining Jaipur’s City Palace hallways; stepping little feet into the shoes of Mughal emperors and Maharajas. Follow by flying south to the aquamarine coastline of India’s smallest state, Goa. Said to have once been greater than London or Paris, Goa’s Portuguese origins make it home to an array of aged Roman Catholic churches; including the Basilica of Bom Jesus, the final resting place of St. Francis Xavier. Staying on a peninsula beside the Arabian Sea, you can’t help but be engrossed in Goa’s unparalleled charm that is both tranquil and electric.


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